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  1. Really wish I could fund my wallet (damn state rules)

  2. Curious if sending money to a friend/family in a state that allows funding wallet and then having them send you Eth could work?

  3. Have a friend who lives a state over, but he’s worried about taxes hopefully a solution soon

  4. Your friend isn't making a profit so no harm done imo

  5. Can’t get my wallet to work. If anyone would be kind enough to help out getting a Bucky I will pay for it. Have funds in L2 but keeps saying can’t find wallet connected. I’ve sent and received eth and NFTs. Just won’t allow me to purchase

  6. Are you on iphone, android, or a desktop computer? I have an android and I find it easier to buy things on a desktop computer. I'm not sure how iPhone users function on the app/browser.

  7. I’m on iPhone. I activated the wallet and even activated about 50 other peoples wallets. Says money is there but when I go to purchase says no wallet found even tho it’s linked

  8. I'm not sure how the app ties in with the chrome extension on the iphone. My understanding is the app isn't meant for buying?

  9. Am I the only one who read this in Buck's voice?

  10. Looks like someone is needing collateral for naked shorting.

  11. It will look bumpy at first like a 🎢, but will show ♾️ gains when ALL shorts close.

  12. RC and team already have a playbook of their own: Become the #1 Gaming/technology destination and bring Web3 Gaming to the masses. Why put the company in year long lawsuit(s) costing money when GameStop can be profitable?

  13. So just being passive about it? We know RC's viewpoints on short sellers, I see no reason why he wouldn't fight it legally if it were happening illegally.

  14. GameStop has already gone to the SEC and they're fully aware. And if you remember Ryan Cohen has already come out saying, "Ask not what your company can do for you - ask what you can do for your company."

  15. Would you or anyone know if the bonus stacks?

  16. Someone needs to archive all these articles regarding Ryan Cohen and Alibaba

  17. Closing shorts means to buy shares to return the shares sold short. Nothing about holding long. However, he could still buy shares to hold long after the fact or could already be.

  18. OP: even if it's your username, per reddit's rules for the sub, no usernames, snoos, or identitying sub information can be in posts.

  19. He’s the guy who gets to lead it. 🤷🏽‍♂️ how can we make it known without ruining or causing our own deaths

  20. $456.5M after the feds get their 37%. Don’t know what state you live in but most take a cut too.

  21. Hypothetically speaking, say I won the Mega Millions Jackpot and took lump sum of ~$741M. Would buying $100M in options cause more damage than buying $100M worth of DRS'd shares?

  22. Short answer is no, DRSing the shares has vastly more impact at the endgame. A MM can just choose not to hedge your calls and short the price below your strike.

  23. What if I were to exercise my call options?

  24. There aren't fees for registering your shares. Only if you're buying/selling through the transfer agent and even that process is fairly easy.

  25. Rather pay a fee than let brokers use my shares for locates/lending and not get paid for it

  26. Banger card imo. Trainer gallery is awesome

  27. This is an alt art, not trainer gallery. But yes, trainer gallery subset is awesome

  28. Before I tried T-Mobile Internet Lite, I was using a 4G LTE modem and Wi-Fi router. I connected it with an AT&T mobile hotspot SIM and was paying $50 for 50GB of data. Of course that was no where near what I needed, but it was more so to test the capabilities.

  29. Huh...SuperStonk has made this distinction for a good year or two now. Weird.

  30. Very nice card! Can I ask how much did the Pikachu cost?

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