1. In MPM specifically I think Brock has been handled fairly well, but Misty probably should of left after the Cilan ep, or the Squirtle ep at the latest. They really didn't have much to do with her after her intro episode and it showed.

  2. They were discount brock and Misty honestly. Annoying hell out in the episode by saying she wants a bride for young teen brother every 10 seconds.

  3. They didn't act anything like them and Bonnie's gag only showed up once in awhile. Aside from that they developed both characters nicely and Bonnie had as much an outgoing personality as any main female companion

  4. No little girl is gonna care about that much less notice. What ten year old is gonna get insecure about not having boobs like a fictional character in a TV show about magic monsters fighting lmaoo? They just wanna see May do contests & call her torchic cute.

  5. As someone who was around at the time, people definitely noticed. Back when AG was new and airing for the first time, people were commenting on May's chest size all the time, to the point where they thought May saying she was 10 was a 4kids dub error (it wasn't).

  6. It wasn't a waste of time, most eps have been enjoyable and seeing Ash's older pokemon.

  7. Ash's older Pokemon are glorified background cameos in MPM.

  8. They were all used for specific purposes. That's good enough for a series that wasn't going to focus on battles.

  9. To reunite with old pokemon. Ash had no reason to see his father.

  10. I dont care Corphish last battle was a loss against Nurse Joy Chansey, and now it is returning after a decade just to lose again and it also breaking Ash's Winning Streak that he had for over 70 episodes at that point

  11. What on earth does it matter it lost, it put up a great fight.

  12. Sucked in aim to be sucked in hoenn always will suck this unnecessary mini kingler

  13. It has one of the best battle records of Ash's pokes and one of the funniest.

  14. His parents were beatniks which was popular in the 1950's. Assuming Ned was 10 in those flashbacks he would have been born around 1940 or so? So by the late 90's on the sliding timescale of the show he would he about 60. Remember Homer's age went from 34-38 by Season 10 despite Bart and Lisa not aging

  15. It's still not working for me. I have Gold edition cart, from New York. I restarted the Switch, even deleted the Rabbids game off the Switch and reinstalled it, tried to go to the e-shop to download the DLC (I can't it just says purchased), and nothing happened.

  16. Something that's always made me curious, are the kids Lisa is friends with meant to be a few years older than her or is it just that in the attempt making them look "cool", it made them look older?

  17. They were probably older since they look older than Bart too. I assume they were 13 years olds

  18. I always wish the Sunday school teacher got a role in an episode

  19. I can respect that people don't like the episode, but it bugs me when people treat it as the point when the show automatically went from being a gift from God to being the spawn of Satan, especially since the three episodes that followed - "Lisa's Sax", "Treehouse of Horror 8", and "The Cartridge Family" - were three of the best episodes the show has to offer.

  20. Season 9 as a whole is still excellent. There's a few weaker episodes like the Bart carny episode, but so many classics like Apu's wedding to Manjula, the gun episode, Lisa's sax, Moe and his girlfriend he was willing to torch the bar for, the New York episode, etc.

  21. Max gets a lot more bearable over the season but Bonnie was eternally grating. Thankfully they just had her talk less as time went on.

  22. Bonnie literally had an increased role as the saga went on due to the Zygarde plot and in most episodes prior she was written the same as any female companion, she had fun moments, was brave and wasn't written like an underage character. I don't see the problem.

  23. Bonnie had a perfectly enjoyable personality, and they gave her better screentime as it went on with the Zygarde plot. Besides that she just acted like a regular girl and felt more of a female lead than Serena.

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