1. Tripokalon and its not even close. The way they handled project mew and especially legendaries is horrendous. The Regis did nothing. For all its faults, the visuals of Tripokalons were good enough to blow Project Mew away. Gary came as a weird rival that didnt act as a rival, the projects were weird and inconsistant.

  2. The Regi's were captured by the cast for those missions, there wasn't more to that. Legends were handled well in general, the worst handled legends were ones outside of the arc like Suicune and Zapdos which had nothing to do with Project Mew. I don't mind Tokio having a legend since it doesn't really matter.

  3. I hate these takes that something would be "cancelled" if it came out today.

  4. 2005 is an eternity ago in TV time. It would be like comparing a show that debuted in 1985 when we were in the year 2000.

  5. The people who think this are out of their minds and likely younger fans who grew up with the XY era or got back into Pokemon at that time. Most of the staff besides a few are the same.

  6. I'd like to know why you think Iris in general has no concept for existing.

  7. Her entire existence is based off an unskilled Ash. If there was no reset, all her interactions with Ash falls apart. All that teasing goes nowhere when its against the guy that took out Darkrai and Latias (only one in Sinnoh to do it) and The fact she needed him to be reset to exist and make meaning out if it is the problem. The reset was a mistake and the fact her existence is reliant on a mistake, means she never deserved to exist and her existence was a mistake.

  8. BW Ash could have been like DP Ash, and I assume Iris' role would have remained the same. The writers just needed to introduce her as an already established trainer with a few dragons and it would have led in better with her development that season and into JN. Axew could have evolved during BW and just give her 2 BW dragons and it would have made more sense.

  9. bonnie has always been very popular and was never really hated at all

  10. Lucario = DP remakes and most popular DP Pokemon Ash hadn't caught

  11. Nah most of them are just average sized, you are just overreacting.

  12. Becuase of the target demographic

  13. Yes, but other similar manga/anime have different body types for all the female characters.

  14. Well Tierno/Trevor/Shauna were introduced early in XY, but Shauna was Serena's rival, Trevor was basically a non-character, and Tierno was just comic relief. So even when they do introduce game rivals at the start they may not amount to much.

  15. It's ok to say you disagree that he has predator behaviour but I think you're reading too much and putting labels on people without much proof to back it up. I'm glad you enjoyed his character, you have all the right to like him, but you might be blowing things out of proportion and possibly hurting people in the process by calling them names.

  16. I seriously doubt the pokemon anime intended Harley to be a predator given the show is aimed at children. He was designed to be sneaky and villainous but that's all, it's Pokemon after all.

  17. He’s just petty about everything. The only point I did laugh was when team rocket tries to give home “help” and he busts out laughing at them calling them losers.

  18. Yeah I can see that. Personally people liked him back in the day because of how unique and sinister he was, there really isn't any other character in the show like him. His introduction seems like he dislikes May from a misunderstanding but then he starts obsessing over her and even edges Drew on too in the eps they're together in. Him working with Team Rocket later to sabotage May but also having some good contest battles and getting to see May triumph over him was also great.

  19. It was a brief cameo during Ash vs. Leon Pt 4 watching on TV

  20. She looks like she grew up. It's also weird to think that May has now been around for 20 full years of time. Not many other characters in the anime besides the original cast have 20 years of history in the show.

  21. Very unpopular opinion: Anime contests feel like an excuse to steer May and Dawn away from the gym badges plot.

  22. They probably did it because showing every gym leader beaten twice would be repetitive. Likewise showing Ash struggle to take down the Hoenn/Sinnoh Gym leaders and then have May or Dawn battle the same ones right after and win too? It would feel odd.

  23. No. Princess competitions promoted negative gender stereotypes and that's exactly what the contest spectaculars are and exactly not what I expected May to fall into, given how she came across as a massive feminist who only saw this as a short term thing and would have been better off following her dream hosting her own travel show.

  24. There's no reason to assume traditional Contests are not in Hoenn, or that May doesn't still do them. Drew/Harley were shown during the Steven episode, do you really think they're doing idol competitions dancing on stage? Of course not.


  26. It's funny how it never appeared again after AG ended, like it disappeared into thin air for 15 years

  27. Misty was around 1997-2002. Most of her run is the 90's

  28. If muhammad ali lost to me in a fight by allowing me to use a gun, i wouldn’t say i was stronger than him. I just had a gun to overcompensate the actual difference in fighting strength.

  29. I see you going on about this, but aside from the fact that Leon requested Ash to use all the power ups, it's not like it's making THAT much a difference. Mega Lucario hardly did anything, and probably would have beaten Mr. Rime even without it (as we saw in Raihan's battle, Ash still synching with Lucario in its base form can power it up).

  30. No. He tore through them with Dragon Claw when it mega evolved, at most it was chip damage, if parts of the attack even hit it.

  31. People paused it during the battle and one of the rocks did hit Mega Charizard in the face. It's hard to see if you watch on normal speed but if you pause it you'll notice it, I saw someone post the screenshot before.

  32. Nope, its actually aged better.

  33. Technically it was a group effort from Dragonite, Sirfetch'd and Dracovish

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