1. Man i wish he was able to get a ring. That was the only sad thing about that 2018 championship for me.

  2. Well he did get a ring from that SuperBowl technically. Not that it’s the same thing. But he was in a front office role and I’m sure was coaching up the DBs. He was on the sidelines iirc and I thought I remembered him embracing someone and maybe crying

  3. Ahhh good memory. 100% right. As a player would have been better but still that was awesome.

  4. Dude will be in a coma soon and his folks will be like “thats my boy”

  5. This shit is terrible. I tried to give it a few listens since i love EE so much, but man this sounds like some cheap metalcore bullshit. And here come the downvotes lol

  6. Agreed man. I genuinely dont get how people like this stuff

  7. Dude its so bad. I tried and tried but i just hate Metalcore and that kinda sound so maybe thats it

  8. I have this wild feeling that this person doesn't go to many of the events they listed.

  9. Bro this is why i vape instead. Can be high as shit and no one knows lol

  10. Dude fluffed his dick up before talking about black people. Insecure about something, Phil?

  11. Such an iconic and influential band at one point. But Phil is and always will be a huge POS.

  12. That new underneath ep is ridiculous. Might be a top one for me by years end.

  13. I completely missed the two albums they dropped in 2021. Any standout tracks?

  14. Dude i loved that double album and it was honestly one of my favs from 2021. King of Despair and …Heavens Morgue were my top two from it. Gotta go through the whole thing, cause its 100% worth it.

  15. I love it too! Got it on cd too and the artwork is so good on physical

  16. Im going back to it right now lol. Lucas highs on it were sooo damn good.

  17. He just needs the power of the sun in the palm of his hand and he’ll feel better.

  18. Im with you man, this sounds like some alt rock bullshit. Love EE too, but this has me worried on how the new album will sound.

  19. Come on now nephew, I think there are GOAT(s) rather than one however Jordan didn't have any of those titles handed to him, you think Hakeem, Shaq, Drob, Payton, Kemp, Miller and numerous other 90s players let MJ have those titles? He didn't land in the perfect situation at all... He had a GM constantly at odds with him and got his first title in year 7, come on mane

  20. It does help having a legendary, top 5 secondary player in Pippen and great coaching

  21. Bro..Lebron has had Wade, Kyrie, and AD, etc…and also had great coaching from Spoelstra. GTFOH.

  22. At the very least they should be under house arrest for a week until this thing gets straightened out.

  23. Shanahan should also monitor him the whole time and have no contact with the team as punishment.

  24. Comments like this are why i cant fucking stand Lebron. Its totally true, but holy fuck the ego on this guy is the most annoying thing.

  25. He told the truth lol and you agreed it’s true what’s egotistical about telling the truth? If he left out the phone call part ppl would still say it

  26. Nah i agree its the truth, its the statement behind what he is saying. We all know he can prob make a few calls and yeah his son will be in any school he wants. Im sure Curry, MJ, Shaq, etc.. can also do the same thing with their star power, But saying it like this make him seem like such a insufferable douche.

  27. Escuela grind. Saw these dudes a month ago and it was one of best live performances iv ever seen. Gotta peep them.

  28. What kind of dinner we talking about first? Taco bell dinner? Or fancy and baller status Dennys dinner?

  29. Lol its just wild to me how many people shit on Lorna, but at the same time there are other circle jerks for SOI and other bands on this subreddit constantly.

  30. The only band i’m polishing off daily is Gamma Sector and I’ll die on that hill

  31. I was a person trainer full time for 4 years a few years ago. I can tell you that the majority of really fit people, in every gym I've frequented, aren't judging newcomers no matter what they look like or how slow, weak they are. I knew everyone in the gyms i went to. We all walked in embarrassed and afraid at one point and are glad to see every new person show up and start. It's hard for everyone in the beginning. I was so embarrassed and nervous when I started because I was so incredibly unfit. I learned a few years later that there were very few if any fit people silently judging me. I can't speak for every gym but I feel like this is not abnormal.

  32. 100%. It was always super cool to see people’s progress too, kinda gave me even more motivation with my workouts.

  33. I just don’t understand this. I mean if you like him, ok. But there is no evidence of him being a “nice” man whatsoever. The period blood thing, the making fun of a disabled reporter, openly talking about paying as little tax as possible…. The idea that Trump is in anyway a Christian is also laughable. I mean if I was born with that much money I’d probably believe in God but Donald would have called Jesus a loser and or a communist.

  34. Dude couldn’t come up with one passage from the bible when someone asked him what his favorite one was lol.

  35. No they aren’t, straight pure garbage. Like stinky left out in the hot summer all day garbage.

  36. Braille-bring me the horizon. Pretty much most of the album is about this. Got me through a rough breakup a long time ago.

  37. Im 100% convinced years from now, we will all learn this dude was the biggest troll ever. Or i want to believe this guy isn’t that fucking stupid idk.

  38. Usually both. Merch is typically available before the bands start playing and after. I like to get to shows a lil early so i can get merch i want with little to no line. SOI is fucking killer live dude so enjoy that as well.

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