1. 30 gallons. I had a 20 long that started to leak :(. I want to try and reseal it so they have more space lengthwise.

  2. Tanks can be overwhelming at the best of times! Try to do 25% changes weekly. Mystery snails don’t actually clean up well at all, and they tend to add to the detritus in the tank, so just be cautious with how much you feed them (still feed them but don’t leave tons of leftover food in the tank).

  3. More concerned about what kind of name that is

  4. HOMEDANT 5-tier Metal Shelving Unit Adjustable Garage Storage Utility Rack Heavy Duty Shelves Organization Multipurpose Shelf Warehouse Basement Kitchen Living Room pantry 28"W x 12.3"D x 59.5"H,1Pack

  5. How is the stand holding up? Looking to do something similar

  6. Great call out. Ya I was thinking I’d get some plywood cut at Home Depot. Would I need to cover that as well or is that fine? Also would you recommend to just take out the particle board or put the plywood on top?

  7. How are the shelves holding up? Did you make any modifications? Looking to do the same!

  8. I have a very similar rack (Gladiator), just taller. Extremely sturdy, I just put 3/4 plywood on top of the wire shelves as per my manufacturer’s recommendations

  9. I know your post is old, but I’m looking to do a similar thing for (3) 3 gallon and (1) 6 gallon tanks.

  10. I keep 1 Neo +1 Caridina per each tank. Pure bred shrimp do tend to sell better if you decide to do so later on. Some Caridinas don't interbreed so you can do that too.

  11. You’re able to keep neos and Caridina together? I thought they had to be seperate! I’d love to have a mix

  12. Send the odd ones to me LOL. I’m thinking abt upgrading my betta to a 20 gal and will probably turn the 5 into a shrimp tank 🤔

  13. Haha if I knew how to ship I would! I gave ~60 culls away this week!

  14. We don’t know what this swastika stand is made out of, so tough to say.

  15. That’s definitely a unique point of view you have there 😀

  16. I've been looking off & on for the same thing you're looking for. A tall shelf system that can hold multiple tanks. Everything is made out of particle wood to hold kick-knacks and a couple of books.

  17. Yes!!! Exactly I want it to be a little bit narrower. It’s so difficult to find something. If I do come across anything, I’ll definitely let you know. Thanks for your help!

  18. I have a 3 gal shrimp tank set up from Top Fin that comes with most supplies. it's a cube and about $55.

  19. Do you find you have any problems with it being only 3 gallons? I’m looking to set up multiple small tanks with just shrimp (separated by colors) but I’m worried it’ll be more trouble if I go under 5?

  20. Getting my cycle done was kinda hard, but I did a shrimp in cycle, and I'd reccomed getting between 5-7 cuz they'll have babies and you'll have to rehome them. Other then that I've had no issues

  21. Were they born today? If so I’d say mollies. Obviously not 100% sure though. I’ve had tons of guppy fry and they’re usually not that long initially.

  22. If you’re looking for more guppies at some point, I have about 5 I’m looking to give away!

  23. This looks more like a paronychia with abscess to me? Would treat with antibiotics probably both topical and oral. Not the best quality pictures though

  24. Thank you!!! I came here to be able to comment. Completely agree with you.

  25. “open the door or i'm gonna throw rocks through your window..”

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