The Senate passed it 80 to 15. Railroaders won't get sick pay and any strike by them will be illegal.

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I'm in this with you.

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  1. Best deodorant I use is marketed towards women works better than any other brand.

  2. Yes, we all know about Mitchum. Not sponsored, but I should be.

  3. I must be allergic to that stuff. Tried it years ago and I got very painful lumps in my armpits, almost as if the lymph nodes there were swollen. Could barely move my arms

  4. With the “women’s” formula as well? I got onto them years ago when they had this awesome gel formula that never left stains or anything. Then they changed their formula for some god awful reason and that gel shit started giving those bumps and leaving stains. After some heartbreak, decided to give the women’s roller a spin - now have been using it for years. Idk what they did with their men’s gel but someone was delusional in that engineering meeting

  5. I used to have the patience to do this. Kudos.

  6. The world is the least oppressive that it’s ever been. Also, there is no such thing as “the world.” It’s just a bunch of people. Hang out with the nice people and hate the assholes.

  7. But OP is going into HS next year. OP might want to play ball for a variety of reasons. It would be foolish to stop at 13.

  8. It’s never foolish to stop doing something you genuinely do not enjoy doing. He wanted to stop for the only reason that matters - they don’t want to. That’s the only reason you need. Get out of here with that weird controlling bs.

  9. You sound like you're majorly projecting. Have a good day

  10. That caught me off guard. I had quite a decent laugh, thank you.

  11. People fuck a surprising amount, yeah that’s pretty common.

  12. I don’t know why you’re so upset and complaining about this. They have awesome designs, especially when it comes to representation. They’re really gung ho making sure very short, child sized women get plenty of screen time. Drawn with children features and voice acted with prepubescent voices. It’s uhm…it’s really…solid……. It’s not all bad! Some of them turn into fully mature women and then revert back! Yeah, nothing weird here. See, just normal awesome anime shit.

  13. the impression he gave he was that I was trying to cover myself because I liked him or something he just seemed hesitant

  14. Or because this society defaults to blaming women for interactions that happened between the sexes. If your assistant manager refuses to do anything, take it up with HR that you are being harassed at work and your boss is actively enabling this behavior. Make sure all communication between yourself, assistant manager, whoever you bring this to is all in writing in case they go the route of just getting rid of the “troublemaker” for daring to speak out of this manipulative shit’s behavior. And then use all that correspondence to find a decent lawyer if you can and sue their asses. This doesn’t feel like it will be resolved through your work, so let them just dig the hole themselves. Do not feel bad for it either. His hesitancy came not from you going through an uncomfortable experience but at the idea of having to write this boy up because you had the nerve to bring it to him. His concern isn’t over you and your well being at work. Fuck all these people. Take no one at their word, everything in writing. You deserve better than this and I’m sorry you have to experience it here.

  15. im somewhat sympathetic because i overheard he has a disability and I don’t know what he has so that’s why I have been hesitant

  16. Disabilities are a non sequiter. Whatever he may have - if he has it - if it enough for him to function in a work place, he’s more than capable of understanding boundaries. He seems to at least understand that you were once capable of being manipulated to do whatever someone wants and is of clear enough mind to set about recreating that space for you. Miss me entirely with that disability reason.

  17. Really sounds like she made excuses that you went along with and since she was interested you went through with it. All the excuses in the world and when she was there you still could have said “no” “I’m uncomfortable with this” “ i have already committed to a relationship. We can pause this and I can see if she’s open to including this dynamic, but I’m not okay doing this outside her knowledge”

  18. What does this even mean? Who is this for and what point does it stand to make? I made a legitimate observation of a frankly well known social phenomenon and you come in with something edgy you saw on the net (probably originally said to you or someone like you) and busted it out for…what?

  19. honestly she’s 8 and probably gullible, you could lie and say stuff like santa’s watching her, or the fbi is watching and cops will come to the door if you keep searching that up

  20. Lying instead of connecting with them seems like a solid path forward to a healthy relationship. Nice adage 👍🏾

  21. Imagine being the woman in the other side. Literally just working a job to make ends meet or just doing something they enjoy to find out people feel ashamed and disgusted because of her body and services which were probably pretty damn good no? Who is this shame even for?

  22. Yes yes we do now explaining that to your republican family members only for them to say “Oh and your such an expert right what do u do are u a prison warden or a lawyer?” Like only working that job can make u informed

  23. Except for when they want to talk about why these shitty policies are good for America. Then that couch-side education is just A-ok.

  24. You gotta believe man. You must believe that yours is the one true cock she’s been waiting for and this is the first time she’s been amazed by one.

  25. Or, you know, be aware dicks come attached to people with personalities as well so it could have been amazing but their personality was shit so adios. Riding a dick doesn’t lay claim to a woman. What is also this necessity to be too much for your partner to handle being labeled as a good thing? In your best fantasy, your dick is hate punching a cervix or ripping her?

  26. Makes me wonder if guys get a jiggly feeling in their testes when they are around a woman they fancy and this particular author surmised that ovaries did the same.

  27. Nope. There’s literally no sane reason why someone would even come up with this. Sounds like Steve Carell describing breasts he’s never even seen as sandbags.

  28. I doubt ye would be doing these shenanigans he’s doing right now if his mother was still around.

  29. He’s also a grown ass man that could have just gone to therapy and kept on meds if he needed. I highly doubt there weren’t people in his life that told him that semi-regularly. Why are people so insistent on blaming everyone but the person. Sorry, every woman but the man himself.

  30. Literally said I'm not blaming Kim K. See y'all got reading comprehension problems. Kanye wasn't super heavy into sex until Kim. Kanye said he wanted a shoe he can fuck. Literally. He was sexually harassing Adidas people, showing them porn and showing explicit videos n pictures of his time with Kim. This came after he met Kim and was introduced to her world. A world where he was with a social media tyrant. Again, I am not saying Kim is a bad person, but she sells sex. Kanye just adapted to it incorrectly. Its not a world for a man with a porn addiction.

  31. “Literally said I’m not blaming Kim K”

  32. Nah breh. I’m not a costume and I’d like to preserve what’s left of our tainted culture.

  33. Colorism, homophobia, R(&B) and religion? I honestly don’t know what culture there is currently. Maybe some of the culinary shit, but even then I’ve met so many black people that have never heard of some of the southern cuisine I grew up with, so it’s not like it’s even a universal culture in the US.

  34. “Hey, we moved on for a reason and absolutely not enough time has passed for either of us to work out what made us incompatible. I feel that is something worth exploring even if it means going it alone for a bit or even with someone else. Also this is definitely just a letter to myself as reaching out for something that made me genuinely and generally unhappy is woefully neglectful to my mental health.”

  35. It means she currently does not have entirely functional critical thinking skills. Unless of course you think someone eating an apple purposefully placed there and goaded “ages ago” is a perfectly rational reason why raspberry chocolate and cancer are a thing - and despite a supposed blood sacrifice of a child specifically because of their own rule, it’s negated due to (???)

  36. What party is closing hundreds of polling locations, menacing Americans at drop boxes, and is fine with voting for the same guy as the Charlottesville Nazis? Your GOP is an anti-American party.

  37. You will get crickets or deflection. They already know their entire outlook hinges on hypocrisy.

  38. Lol bro bro u tripping hella hard. Light skinned dark skin u still black. Stop trying to make it seem like u the main character or some shit. Live yo life and fuck what anyone else has to say. I'm tired of these soft ass kids where everything hurts their feelings and they think they have ptsd or trauma because someone didn't ask their race or something. U all have become soft. Ice cream

  39. Literally have never heard someone grow up with a healthy and supportive upbringing call people “soft” so thanks for that insight into your upbringing. You also one of the people who say shit like “I got hit as a kid and I turned out fine!” as they are literally arguing for the side of hitting small, learning and impressionable human beings?

  40. Lol I grew up being disciplined because I was unruly. Shit set me straight because I'm not in jail and doing good for myself. I'm glad I got my ass whooped as a kid. That shit set me straight growing up.

  41. Yikes. Not unpacking all that. Wish you well in your journey.

  42. I don’t know why people are downvoting, but the situation clearly isn’t just about him wanting the dog if there are consequences to her voicing her opinions. A healthier reaction would be engaging in a conversation about co-parenting. The ex communicating why she’s wanting to have this change and working towards a solution. If he’s attempting to force himself back in her life every time they meet - and fights to make them have to see each other more often, this absolutely is not healthy.

  43. I don't know, I wouldn't have lived America would elect a black president but they did, twice. I think a big part of that was because Obama didn't act particularly black, similarly Buttigieg doesn't act flamboyantly.

  44. Ugh, everybody knows what this means, not going to spell it out.

  45. I really don’t know what that means. If it’s that simple, should be easy to just explain it.

  46. Oh shut the fuck up, guys is used to address both genders at this point, if your trauma is triggered easily by matters as trivial as this, you should simply stop being a fucking pussy and get your shit together, grow the fuck up. I don't care how you do it, but you should.

  47. Idk, but it sounds like you’re projecting quite a bit.

  48. First mistake was expecting randoms not to behave like animals.

  49. It honestly should be an expectation. Expecting people to be their worst just breeds complacency. Frankly sad the other teammate didn’t say anything I presume. Quiet observers are the worst. If they were joining in, fuck them too.

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