1. Context? Is this a script and do you legitimately have ADHD? If you have a script just tell your doctor this and he’ll up the dose. Regardless, taking it daily will raise tolerance. I take methylphenidate and the first week or so is a lot stronger then tolerance kicks in and that’s what normal dose is like.

  2. it is a prescription, though i'm almost certain i don't have ADHD. i started taking them about two years ago, as i was anorexic/depressed and they gave me enough energy to get out of bed. i stopped taking them as my mental health improved (so around a six month break) then started taking them again recently in smaller doses to help with school. i don't take them daily, usually only on the weekends so i can spend the day studying. the pills i take are 5mg each, and i make sure not to take more than two in a day.

  3. This is one of the most common arguments against the use of stimulants to treat ADHD. After a while, tolerance kicks in and all you're left with is a dependency. The best way to fight it is by cycling your doses. Stop using for a bit and your tolerance will go down. It won't get you back to 0, but it can help prolong its usefulness.

  4. thanks - how long would you recommend taking a break for?

  5. looks good! can’t tell if it’s a cig filter you used, but if so don’t - they filter out a lot of the thc. better to roll your own paper tips

  6. hello monster,what would you say the smell was like,kind of sourish?

  7. Why? No disrespect but why did you ever think this was a good idea?

  8. maybe try something more indica, and mix some cbd flower in with it :)) some people have strains that just don’t vibe with them, im a pretty regular smoker but for some reason white widow always gives me the spins. alternatively it could have to do with set and setting, it’s important to smoke somewhere you feel comfortable and safe or with people you trust

  9. personally i love collecting my stems, so nugs for sure

  10. during late autumn/winter i make stem tea! but it’s also useful to visualise how much weed i smoke lol

  11. mix your joints with tobacco/another cheaper herb, or just take a t break .^

  12. any particular reason? i would as well but literally have zero connections in this country

  13. We actually dont use undercover agents in Denmark, or at least they dont sell to buyers.

  14. if I don’t have weed on me but am visibly high, can I still get fined?

  15. any sort of mason jar, or pill/vitamin bottle if it’s long enough. got 3g through border security like that

  16. the cheapest i can get for 50 euros is ~7g without it being shitty bud. in the netherlands/the hague

  17. future tip: take the js out of the holders, examine closely. if theres green pieces it’s flower, if it looks like it’s just tobacco it’s hash.

  18. like mentioned by others, smoking with (the right) friends is really helpful. other than chamomile, taking an l-theanine supplement before smoking might also be useful!

  19. honestly could just be white widow - first time i smoked it i had to sit down. if you haven’t try black amnesia, it gave off a similar vibe for me

  20. greengo! they’re one of the more sustainable brands out there, if that’s something you care about. and no, too much paper ruins the smoke

  21. the worst thing i’ve filled a bong with was monster energy and that was enough. tasted like ass and my friend got a nosebleed (no idea if it was related).

  22. i’ve tried the mango papers from them, tasted okay but were kind of hard to roll with imo

  23. I use Damiana, lavender, and chamomile time to time. It adds flavor and a different kind of relaxation imo. I’ll have to try raspberry leaf. How’d that go for you?

  24. raspberry leaf tasted amazing! it has a relaxing feel as well, we ended up rolling ‘cigs’ with it instead of tobacco :) the only problem is they don’t sell it in any stores in my area

  25. yo idk if you’ll be able to read at all in that state… but if there’s a bible audiobook that would be pretty dope

  26. i learned by practicing with cigs, there’s less pressure to “get every hit” and it hurts more than joints. obviously, if you don’t already smoke tobacco in your joints, don’t do this cause it’s addictive lol

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