1. The masculine urge to eat chalk and wear 50 masks

  2. Catch me in the boywife kitchen making impossible whoppers 😤

  3. Finally someone who understands oml. I feel insane whenever I try to explain this dysphoria to anyone

  4. Life hack: can't get hurt by transphobes if you never understand what they're whining about in the first place

  5. You act like they understand what they are whining about.

  6. Trust me, I understand completely that they don't understand jack shit. But it's impossible to reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into, so sometimes I'm content to just let them complain about whatever and not pay them any mind :')

  7. When archeologists dig up my bones they're gonna say "why is this skeleton missing so many bones what the fuck"

  8. I wasn't uncomfortable with gluten until after I learned how much better I feel avoiding it. That doesn't mean I made up my allergy, it just means I needed to experience something new to know how bad it was before.

  9. My friends and I have a joke that if you can't sit this way it's because you aren't a real Canadian. So by their logic, it's 'cause you aren't Canadian enough 😔

  10. Your 'friend' is weird. Why tell someone who's voice training that it sounds bad? That's literally what the training is for.

  11. Cis people may as well rag on comedians too for being funny at that point

  12. The yellow tatsugiri called me a slur in a Denny's

  13. It's shellder's first raid and wugtrio is supervising to make sure he does a good job

  14. I cut my own hair and did a terrible job. But the way that I'd cut it was masculine and there was no way to make it feminine, so when I went to a salon to get it cleaned up they had no choice but to make the cut look even more masc lmao

  15. Hope you dumped 252 EVs into speed, cause you're getting one-shot by a lot of moves.

  16. Disclaimer: I don't know anything about strategy, I just like to do strange and infuriating things in battles with my friends lmao

  17. I mean a supreme overlord sucker punch can mostly ko the opponent since barely any sp.atker gets a priority move. Depends but yeah that also works

  18. That's fair. Ngl I considered it but I was worried about the opponents pokemon being too bulky. Metal burst is for emergency situations shdhdhf

  19. Disclaimer: I don't know anything about strategy, I just like to do strange and infuriating things in battles with my friends

  20. A woman: [isn't <5'2", doesn't have a perfectly round face and doesn't have the highest pitched voice in the universe]

  21. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure there's also an NSFW variant of this sub so that it's easier to keep things cleaner over here

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