1. The juxtaposition between this and the rest of your posts is odd.

  2. This was clearly a result of Sweeney's 2015 draft, for no reason

  3. Why is there a king and queen for both sides? Obviously should be king and king vs queen and queen

  4. Yup. All three tiers of the system (Ducks, Gulls, Oilers) are in bad shape.

  5. That's putting it lightly, for the Gulls. I can't believe how bad we are this season

  6. Heading into the playoffs playing .500 hockey is not a cup winning formula.

  7. Especially with how important home ice throughout would be

  8. What do you think your favorite food at a baseball game would be?

  9. laughing hey, your girlfriend is awesome!

  10. Its almost like the vaccine greatly reduces the potential for death from covid19

  11. It was crazy to see all the graphs/maps showing the higher deaths in higher populated states before the vaccine, then that quickly changes to mostly the red states after the vaccine

  12. Gas prices dropped immediately after the election, FYI

  13. Adding to this, look at the username. Almost all bots follow that naming scheme, 2 words then numbers. Plus if you look at their post history, there's a single comment, then this post with the exact same name

  14. And that comment is on another exact copy repost

  15. Is that a reason to be ahead of his time?

  16. I see your Stargate and raise you Farscape and LEXX

  17. For every Jesus nut taking the Bible literally there’s 500 very vocal atheist Redditors trying to tell all other religious people what their interpretation is and why it’s incorrect

  18. "Religious person trying not to have a persecution fetish" challenge, level: impossible

  19. Is this a real photo? Looks a bit like CGI

  20. Volunteer's are group by common language I think.

  21. There must be at least a hundred people each game with Bruins gear on

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