1. It was pretty easy, also the roadtop box lets you input HDMI to the screen so I plugged in a Amazon fire stick, works awesome, actually use the fire stick more than the android auto.

  2. Yep. See my edit. Different version of the roadtop. You lucky beggar.

  3. Update: spoke with BMW dealership they said the technician had a miscommunication with the repair teach. The car has an internal fault code of 22869 and 22286D. Using those two fault codes they determined the EME needed to be replaced. They also said they only quoted me the E machine because the technician said its what he had to do with previous cars he’s worked on and because it sits on top of the EME with 3 contacts that the contacts can get burned. They said they quoted me for it just in case they took out the EME and there were burnt contacts. I Asked why they didn’t quote me for the controller and how did the major electrical short not trip any fuses. They said they don’t usually have to replace those when they replace the EME. He said he only replaces the EME every time it goes out. Brought up the stator not being on the repair parts and why didn’t the controller stop when it saw an overcurrent and a change of resistance. He said that’s not true they never had faults for those and that’s not something they replace on a regular basis and when the EME goes out it doesn’t take all these parts with it. He said he didn’t see an overheat fault he just saw an internal fault for the EME. I asked him if the EME did short out did it overload the HV battery causing the safety fuse to pop and he said no the battery is fine

  4. I work in the car business ( 6 years working for a Luxury German sports car manufacturer)... My responsibilities among others ( Retail systems), included Service processes. I worked closely with Area service managers.

  5. Thank you for your advice! I just got off the phone with bmw of NA they said they would file a complaint for internal reasons but I would need to call the dealership for any diagnostic logs. At this point I think the dealership really hates me lol

  6. Keep it up ! Sorry that you are having to go through this.

  7. It was snowing and icy when I got home last night. Backed my car up the driveway to charge. Got woken up by the neighbors because my car had slid down the driveway and was beeping. I’ve got a claim in with my homeowners insurance. Let’s see how it goes.

  8. Same thing happened to me two years ago... But instead of damaging the i3, it damaged the charging unit.

  9. Op makes some good points. I also observe though, that the responses, mostly, are pretty balanced and fair. Not what you'd expect from a toxic sub.

  10. I think a newer set of snow tires and traction mode would have done better than that truck.

  11. Absolutely agree with TJ. The i3 would be fine in this. But... at certain temperatures all vehicles need careful attention; This is especially true when the smut turns to 'clump', clogging up the treads and consequently losing traction. Same can happen with the truck.

  12. Thanks. Did you keep the double-sided tape like on the video, or did you stick it directly on the housing? Thanks

  13. Looks like something you see in the "Darwin awards".

  14. Damn. And i felt kinda smart for trying this

  15. 😀 you think that the Germans who invented the jet engine and put the first men on the moon, didn't think about cheering in the rain ? 😃

  16. Likely it is NOT broken. You need to plug it into an outlet that is not on the GFCI circuit. It doesn't like that.

  17. Kleenex Tissues, Nodding dog, Old Spice under arm, Crucifix. Essential oil burner, Viz magazine, Polo mints. Keys to the building. Compass in oil. Golf tees (loose). Confirmation photo. When my girlfriend is in the car, + her handbag.

  18. Oh man ! I am 12.5 months post 22 inches. Yours is my nightmare.

  19. Hope you are doing well after one year of surgery.

  20. That is just pure pornography. In Texas they will probably bring in legislation to ban such smut.

  21. ok. I'm going to say something you need to hear.. you are going to have colon resection surgery. They have to go into your body, seal and pull out a section of your intestine.. search through to find where the bad part ends.. cut that entire length off.. then put the intestine back into your body and seal both ends of the intestine together (

  22. I agree totally with @FctFndr. You have a serious condition. The better thought process should be more along the lines of not drinking again (at least start from there).

  23. One thing people never seem to mention when this question is asked is that Plex has much higher system requirements for your server than Kodi, since Kodi just uses your server as a file server.

  24. Setup the Plexkodiconnect add-on within Kodi and configure Direct Paths. This gives you the best experience and performance.

  25. I have a 2019 120ah IS3 Rex ‘hacked’ to allow battery to start at 75% and I love driving the car. Added wheel spacers 15mm and 20mm and looks great. I don’t think any other car in the EV space drives as nice and fun as the i3.

  26. i think the i3 has a few things working against it as far as getting a deal goes any time this year.

  27. Agreed with most of what you laid out, with the exception of the price drop this year. It is more likely going to be a 20 to 25% drop. ( I work in automotive retail business intelligence for a living - it is going to be a shit show this year). There is nothing to suggest that the i3 will be protected from this drop. Interest rates are keeping buyers away; this is especially the case in the sub prime and non captive finance cases.

  28. So with my numbers I'm expecting about a $2k price drop, you are suggesting ~$4500. Assuming they currently own a car that they would be trading/selling away then the fact that it is also becoming less valuable on a similar trajectory then it pretty much boils down to OP deciding for themselves if maybe a net difference of ~$1500 on large purchase is enough to push them to hold out another year or not. Probably I would just keep an eye out for the car with the ideal mix of options and if it comes up at a reasonable price, grab it, if they don't see one that calls out to them then just keep waiting and worst case a year from now they dont get exactly the package they wanted but they saved some money.

  29. Yep. Good point. All depends on whether they have a less expensive vehicle right now.

  30. Is it for a range extender model? I personally wouldn’t bother unless you guys plan on keeping the car for many many years or miles.

  31. I add a splash of fuel stabilizer (Sta-Bil, etc.) every time I fill my REX tank to prevent ethanol separation and deposit formation.

  32. Can you be a little more precise... approximately how many milliliters? 100ml ? ( About a medium sized egg's worth).

  33. It's going to vary with the product you use and how empty your REX fuel tank is. For example, Stabil says 1 oz. of its product will treat 2.5 gallons of gasoline which would be a nearly empty REX tank, assuming you have coded the car to access the full tank capacity. For lesser quantities of gasoline just do the math.

  34. Agreed. Level 2 charging is best. Consider also that level 2 charging can be 'fitted' into cheap rate charging times (if applicable in your area). Level 1 won't (too long).

  35. I use ONR on 99.9% of my customers vehicles. I may have to rinse on off every few years..

  36. Absolutely. I agree with scottwax. ... This is my method...

  37. As a warning for anyone thinking about this.....I advise against getting 2 front 155's unless you REALLY need them. Tires come in a set of four for a reason. There is a huge surplus of 155's because the rear tires wear down soooo much faster than the fronts.

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