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  1. TOASTY had some cool funk to his work miss that dude

  2. Until something happens to you or your loved one's, and you need their assistance.

  3. 2nd amendment bitches. Try and pull up on me🔫

  4. I drove in on William Cannon to Congress. Stay off elevated surfaces, at least for now, and you should be fine. I had to come to work.

  5. Let us know how it is on the way back. Be safe homie

  6. lmfao if you think “baby As” when you think of Mexican food gtfo. that place barley passes as tex mex. you want Mexican food? Go to el Meson off of south Lamar go, go to taqueria arandas or palo seco. There is def a good variety of Mexican food here in Austin it’s just not easily inside a restraunt .

  7. Bro there’s smoke coming out of the liquid…lol dayum

  8. No one comes up under this name, it says page not found :/

  9. https://linktr.ee/maybestevie?utm_source=linktree_profile_share<sid=cbc5d69e-305b-462e-ad9e-89cf72dd61c2

  10. So the president of my fraternity should’ve told them, “No you are not allowed to choose who you want to be your dates at the mixer”?

  11. He should’ve told them “you’re allowed to choose you’re date the mixer YES. Doing so in a way that makes other feel ugly. NO.” frats and sorority (especially Greek) are all about social status and how you look. Sorry you were at the end of this. But sounds like typical frat and sorority stuff imo good luck with that.

  12. With the right holster, you can conceal the 5" full size. Ask me how I know haha. Stop worrying about printing so much. Do you really think someone is going to ask about it or say anything to someone else if they see a little bulge in your pants anyway? Get the 4" and have better balance and ballistics. The grip is what's hard to conceal, and I carry the 2.0 compact in a gun free zone 5 days a week.

  13. Agreed. I carry the 5” and the only “issue” I run into if any would be when I sit down and stand up cause the barrel is a bit long so I feel it next to my dick which is kinda hot and weird at the same time idk🤷🏽 but as said my girl doesn’t notice when I carry and I even tried it with sweatpants lmao honestly depends on the holster and how comfortable the user feels with it but idk I just got mine about a month ago. Full size 2.0

  14. Full size looks sexy af, compact looks smooth as hell

  15. you’d be surprised how many people DO feel that way

  16. What kind of trigger is that? I have the same pistol but the way it comes, no upgrades

  17. Ooof I live off is slaughter and i35 will def keep my eye on the lookout and my gun holstered

  18. Wait until you get a real gun then… u gonna go apeshit! 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. No cracks!! Good stuff ! Looks dope af

  20. Fetus baby plz thank you 🙏🏽

  21. H‑E‑B midtown pizza (frozen). A step above any other frozen pizza option.

  22. Soooo GOD DAMN FUCKIN DELCIIOUS. i couldn’t sleep last night so I ate a pepperoni midtown pizza and Omg soo great! I never knew frozen pizza could be this good. Went to HEB 30 min ago and bought 2 more boxes and guac and some HEB prepped dinners ugh I love this store so much

  23. if it needs a signature for your stupid package and your dog is outside i will absolutely pepper spray it’s bitch ass or just refuse your pckg b/c some dumb owner couldn’t keep their dog inside their stupid house.

  24. Commenting for visibility on other people's Reddits (if that's how Reddit works? no idea tbh) because I'm wondering the same.

  25. I ordered the orange and blue camp. I’ll let you know when I get ‘em

  26. Anyone can tell me what’s different between 6 panels and camp cap?

  27. Def coppin a corduroy hat 🔥

  28. Not me, but I cooked a coffee/chile rubbed pork tenderloin that was amazing tonight.

  29. Yea I’m tryna cook some pork chops tonight but I need a good run. Any tips?

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