1. Please don't bastardize the name Lisa. Kojima doesn't count

  2. 2010 called, they want their "normal people with no powers as costumed superheroes" idea back

  3. Seriously though was Schierke’s naked ass taking up half a page really necessary Miura-san?

  4. I see you didn't check out his Gigantomakia manga

  5. The animation looks fantastic and I love the story! Nice work :)

  6. Thank you! Your feedback means so much to me.

  7. Took a peek and nicely done. Is this going to be a series then?

  8. Yes, though it will depend on time available. Please support me so I can devote more time to SW art

  9. Does Alessa collect dads too much? Not just Harry, but she gets pretty familiar with Douglas pretty fast, and I think she became his adopt after the end of SH3 (Cheryl's gonna need a legal guardian bcs 17)

  10. The joke is funnier in the original Japanese :P

  11. Silent Hill fans just walking into the grocery store, hitting the Bakery section and just losing their minds

  12. Literally it's bread non-ironically

  13. Seriously though, the f*cking audacity of f*cking Bloober to think they can "correct" details of the original just gives me a bad vibe already

  14. I was watching One Doomed Game Critic's in-depth playthrough and he mentions that The Seductress plate depics some meso-american goddess that has a knife in her hand, but in the plate she doesn't... and who do we know gives her knife away to James just a while before?

  15. I'd appreciate it if you went and got that for us, just google it and open the toluca prison part and look for it please

  16. Even Guu Chihi said that they weren’t given good direction during production . The bad acting wasn’t all purposeful. Some of the parts people consider poor acting is a result of poor directing and translation issues.

  17. How would they get good direction when the game makers are Japanese and every voice actor is American/Western?

  18. Pay no attention to the child-sized bloodily penetrated figure under the tarp on the picture frame in the background

  19. The town is a supernatural child adoption agency!!

  20. I don’t think James adopted Laura lol they just left together. It was more James chosing to live for the future, a future Laura will grow up in instead of dying in his past and ending up in the water. I also don’t think James should care for a child considering his previous bedside manner

  21. Mary wanted James to adopt Laura and take care of her like she wished she could. So there

  22. Does this mean in this timeline Harry murdered his own daughter while James Mason had to save his wife from a cult ritual only to fail and receive Maria as replacement, who’ll eventually have to go on a revenge quest in his honor?

  23. Yes, but he felt really bad about it

  24. Strongly disagree: we need to see what's actually happening, including deaths. Even if the posters take some liberties in presentation that you find in poor taste.

  25. Heather, because she's actually Alessa, and she's unique in that this isn't her first time dealing with this supernatural bs and she ain't having none of it

  26. "Oh what's this feeling? Surely I'm safe, I'm fully compliant with the latest health patches, this is nothing, I just need a little water... omg a bit lightheaded... focus, focus... ok, bottle in hand, now just open the cap... ONE twist left... TWO twists left... three.... three....."

  27. Not asleep. They were busy publishing hits like "Actually, lockdowns and restrictions ENHANCE freedom and civil liberties" (wish I was making that up)

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