1. Cooler and Mainboard too expensive for that CPU. What GPU will you get?

  2. Will be good with 5700x, but except cpu and ram, other components are unnecessarily expensive for no gain.

  3. Good build, change to gskill or kíngton 6400cl32 ram for cheaper price

  4. I have 7700X + Noctua NH-D15s, fan setting set to silent in BIOS. Idle at 35.

  5. The 5800x3d is an amazing CPU. I would try and get a better GPU, there is currently a 6950xt on Amazon for 850. If it were me, I would change the CPU cooler and go for a 1tb gen 3 nvme. That should save 150 and you could get the 6950xt.

  6. I'm not sure. Frankly, I put the 650E on the list because it was cheaper and I wasn't sure what made the 670E better.

  7. Strix B650E-F is very good already, no reason to go X670e.

  8. Are you talking about this combo from Micro Center? I actually happened upon that after I made this list but, damn it, it's out of stock at every Micro Center in driving distance. Will every be available again?

  9. 250 is worth the change from 7900XT to XTX imo.

  10. Basically nearly all high end GPU > 600$ is hated right now. The damage from crypto price rocket is nonreversible.

  11. How much is 3090? I'm planning to buy 4070Ti or 4080.

  12. Is there a reason to use mini\micro ATX instead of a full format one?

  13. Very nice, this push me to save more money for Aero card.

  14. For case you want to priotize functionality or appearance?

  15. It excites me to see a 4080 on there. When I first started looking up builds, I thought my max was going to be a 3070!

  16. I'll be changing that since I believe I misclicked that one somehow - don't want glass due to kids. Also I'm afraid of watercooled since this will be my first PC build and don't want any extra issues caused by me being a novice.

  17. I see, then use some good airflow case like Fractal Design Torrent, Corsair 4000D.

  18. There is already review of TUF OC and Gaming OC

  19. https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/corsair-now-offers-12vhpwr-connector-modular-cable-capable-of-delivering-up-to-600w.html

  20. Thank you, then you indeed has to use Corsair 1200w+, or buy a 1000w ATX 3.0 PSU

  21. At most you can save like 20-30 buscks with used case, but you have to spent time transporting such a big case and cleaning.

  22. Pure Rock 2 is not good enough for that CPU.

  23. Price depends on country, what is your shop website?

  24. What are cheapest prices for 4070Ti / 7900XTX / 4080 in your place?

  25. I started looking more it looks like the 4070ti is more available and cheaper

  26. If 7900XTX is <20% more expensive than 4070, I'd buy 7900XTX.

  27. The most expensive GPU you can afford. 4090.

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