1. I’ve been obsessed with this story. So happy it worked out!

  2. What is a smoking ceremony/welcome to country? I hope you find another creek, it sounds lovely.

  3. My family is Aboriginal, we use smoking ceremonies as a cleansing and welcoming ritual. A welcome to country is performed by a culturally esteemed person who is a member of the Aboriginal nation that the event is taking place on and welcomes them to the land. It’s a cultural custom that we use a lot in Australia ☺️

  4. Luckily we didn’t have to pay anything for use of the site - we just had to do fill out council permits and a ton of paperwork, but it does mean our backup location will require a massive taxi bill for my uncles who will be performing the ceremony 😭

  5. I think that sounds fine!! I think as long as guests know what's going on there is less crankiness about gaps. Also your gaps seem pretty normal to me. You could also make it seem like the 5pm arrival is optional. Like a doors open type message, then guests won't feel like they had to get there at 5 and then wait for the ceremony.

  6. Thank you for the reassurance! I’ll give people the 5pm suggestion and let them know we’ll be starting at 5.30 and see what they say

  7. This is the ceremony dress - the ceremony is in a park while the reception is in a fancy hotel - think Great Gatsby vibes. It just wouldn’t work in the hotel :(

  8. Stunning design. Very unique. Great choice, but why green if I may ask?

  9. I wanted to pick something unique and green is just a colour I knew I’d always love. I asked for a range of whatever she could find lab-made in a shade of green, amber or champagne and this one just spoke to me the most. I’ve had no trouble matching it to my other jewellery and clothes so far!

  10. I absolutely LOVE this. Simply amazing. I want a unique ring like this as welll

  11. I’m a 41 year old Kamilaroi fella trying to get my Confirmation through Deerubbin LALC. It’s a painfully slow and arduous process not helped by people hell bent on making it as difficult as humanly possible. My mum was born 1958, stolen 1961. Never to see her parents again. As a result of the trauma she’s never since returned to Country. It messed her life up. It messed me and my siblings lives up. FFS. Can’t we get it right eventually??

  12. Deerubbin isn’t the LALC you should be speaking to, you need to go to a LALC for Kamaroi/Gamilaray/Gomeroi mob. Deerubbin is on Dharug land.

  13. Mind me asking what size you are in other clothes and jeans? Really appreciate it! Looking at the Esmee myself

  14. Jeans are almost impossible for me sorry! The only ones I’ve found that fit with only a minor adjustment is the Levi 501s which I got in a 25 with a 30 leg. I took them in maybe another inch at the very top of the waist. I replied to your other comment but in case you don’t see it I’m a pretty standard AU 8/Small except for the waist which I usually have to take in a bit.

  15. Do you wear any us size clothes? I’d love to know what size you wear

  16. I don’t tend to sorry! If I’m ever looking at American clothing brands they tend to do comparisons, but looking at a chart I’d say I’d be a 4 US, which should be 8 AU, and a Small. I’m 169cm and about 60kgs. The only thing I ever have trouble with size wise is that I’ve got a smaller waist so usually have to get things taken in a few inches there. Hope that might help!!

  17. There’s still a big part of me that would LOVE to wear this look, but alas I fell in love with something completely different. But it’s still such a gorgeous fit!

  18. If they are family babies, I would suggest a simple onesie/wrap in a wedding color. That way they will look intentional/included in pictures, even if they’re just a blob in someone’s arms. They’re infants, they don’t need formal wear. They’re going to be wrapped up and/or held all night, you will barely see what they’re wearing and it will just get wrinkly/covered in sick anyway. As long as it is neat and simple and doesn’t have like Cinderella splashed across the chest, it doesn’t matter at all.

  19. They are family babies so this is a great idea! The wedding colours are forest green and champagne so that could be so cute. Thank you, a pretty wrap would actually be such a lovely way to go!

  20. How worried are you about what they look like? No a mum or someone doing a black tie wedding, but this would be my go to place for baby occasional wear. I would probably ask them to avoid anything all ivory to avoid flower girl connotations. But more important whatever the little one is doing to feel comfortable in!

  21. Not at ALL worried, I’m happy for them to in pyjamas. My family is pretty excited about the first proper wedding in a million years and we’ve got a really long session with the photographer to do extra family photos so I think that might be why they’re overthinking it. I’ll definitely have a look, thank you!!

  22. https://www.galialahav.com/e-boutique/bridal/pret-a-porter/elise-satin-dress/

  23. I went to a wedding with bathroom baskets. There was a tiny sewing kit, safety pins, bobby pins, some small combs, tampons and pads, baby wipes, deodorant, mints, tissues and bandaids. I have to say that as the wedding was in a resort where all guests were staying I don’t think any of it got used because people could just walk back to their rooms if they needed anything. But the sentiment was nice!

  24. Bummer! It looked more blush beige in person but probably better safe than sorry.

  25. It’ll photograph this colour though, so you should avoid it. I have bought several formal feminine suits from Dissh and love them, maybe try them out? This one is gold and would be appropriate for a wedding:

  26. I bought them from a supermarket like a week ago in Melbourne. Haven’t seen any supply issues. But I didn’t realise they had palm oil so that might be the last time I do!

  27. How many mirrors/stations do you have? (mirror, sink access, electric outlet access for hair tools, flat surface for stuff)

  28. This is really helpful, thank you! I haven’t seen the bridal suite at the hotel yet but I might see if it’s not to weird to send them an inquiry to ask for that info!

  29. I got some Radical Yes shoes in one of their sales last year and I really like them!

  30. My collie definitely “plays” with her toys, pretending they’re real. She rounds them up and throws them around a bit to imitate them running. I suspect your pup is just being a bit silly for a game.

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