1. "Every other kid in America can keep their room clean/ do their homework without a tutor/ follow directions. What's wrong with you?"

  2. "Perfect parents have perfect children" that's why I believe mine refused to take me to specialists about ADHD and Autism. I believe she would feel shame having a child with a disability, especially because she places a lot of emphasis and importance on education, having a degree and a good paying job, etc.

  3. Is it me or does the "don't comfort your child when they're having a tantrum because it teaches them they get what they want if they cry" thing sound more like a dog training tip than a parenting one

  4. i've had that one before. i was grounded and my nmom refused to pay anything for us (like the bus to school, or lunch money) or give us food. i didn't even eat the thing, she just accused me of it, then starved me until I admitted to it

  5. surprisingly common in actual kids films too. can't count the number of times ive watched a disney film and thought, "huh, i wouldn't forgive my parents for that quite so easily"

  6. "you can live with that guilt" did you mean relief

  7. not only are the supposed responses of all the staff such an

  8. For sure. But there's also a bitterness there too. It's like I'm angry and jealous when I see it - even in movies and tv shows

  9. She was a prostitute. If they did date, she was still a prostitute and sex work is work.

  10. aye i'm aware. i have friends who are sex workers and in relationships too

  11. honestly, as a kid i thought that the only way i'd be happy is if me or my mum died. realising that i can just leave and never contact them again was a relief for me. i don't think there was a specific final straw, but it was solidified for me that i was going to do it when, after an argument with my sister, my mother called me ungrateful, wicked, and evil. i realised then that i will never, EVER earn her love or respect.

  12. not quite related but "drink you like a smoothie" has me creasing

  13. She'll probably blame any negative behavior on the devil taking over her son or a friend(s) she doesn't think is Christian enough. That's what my mom is like anything that's wrong with me or my sisters is the devil or some other outside source that has nothing to do with her. If you try to bring anything up with her, she rebukes you the name of the Lord or says that you are being too much and she needs to go pray now.

  14. yes!! i've definitely seen the "satan is tearing my family apart" kind of posts here too. very predictable kinds of people

  15. my mom says this kinda shit any time i act slightly different than what she wants me to be “there are demons inside of you we need to take them out” okay mom :/

  16. damn, i hope you get out of there soon. as insane and abusive as my parents have been, i'm thankful that they're atheists. religious nutters are a whole new level

  17. I'm thinking anime? I don't really watch anime, but I have enough friends that love anime to have absorbed a lot of that info. I feel like I've seen it in that kind of context

  18. i think i needed this thread today. only been a few months of NC (for context, i'm 21f, went to uni and spent first year spiralling and figuring out how to go nc) and i mostly feel like things are just getting worse for me. i hate leaving my flat because i'm so paranoid that she's coming to find me. like, i feel like she's watching me wherever i am. in reality, i don't think it's even possible for her to know my address, but that doesn't stop my anxiety.

  19. She is insisting and screaming about it!

  20. idk about other countries, but at least here in the UK you legally cannot drive the car if you're not the one on the insurance. you can have multiple people insured, but it makes zero sense for it to be in her name if she isn't driving it

  21. I remember being a curious kid who was good at retaining all sorts of random little facts. I guess that somehow turned into "you're a know-it-all who always has to get the last word in". even when i first went lc, working on entirely nc, i got text messages about "i know you think you're world-wise but you'll regret this one day". but, as far as i can remember, i have never acted like i thought i was/knew better than anyone. they just accused me of behaving like that. they also accused me of being a liar from a young age, and because they convinced themselves i was lying when i wasn't, the label stuck with me my whole life.

  22. Financial abuse, yes. Get the fuck out. If she can't be responsible enough to hold a job and pay her own god damn rent then that's on her. It is not your problem or your responsibility.

  23. I honestly don't know. She touched me in ways that made me uncomfortable, but never anything more than like my waist and hips. I think in all wats she toed this line of being really weird, but not weird enough that you could consider it molestation/SA. I would make it clear I didn't want her to touch me, she would do immediately the same thing again moments later then get mad at me for trying to reenforce the boundary. She had no issue making sexual jokes and comments in front of/about me at a young age, but I wasn't given details of anything real (like I wore leggings or some shit when I was like 8 and she told me I was sexy, she and her friends made jokes about sex in front of me without really explaining anything, etc.) My sister, however - well, I was forced to sit in on her sex work occasionally (I wasn't crazy young, but it was still the first time I'd seen a lot of this stuff, I was clearly underage and very uncomfortable). Forced out of fear, mind you, because she would go into a rage trying to break my bedroom door down and screaming the most awful things at me if I refused. She and my mother are both clearly narcs and it's been hell. And it's so confusing to feel so disgusted with myself, feeling like I was violated, but also feeling like I can't actually claim I was sexually abused because no one ever flat out r*ped me

  24. "Make sure he knows I'm mad at BOTH of you for no reason, I can't be bothered to type it twice"

  25. I don't necessarily agree, but a lot of people enjoy Shrek 2 more than the first

  26. I've been through this exactly, and it took me a year or so to finally feel safe at home, i always felt like my mom was going to magically appear behind me, i always felt like something terrible was going to happen... It took time for me to trust others too, but you'll get there ❤️ Take your time to heal in this safer place ! I hope you were able to get your belongings back

  27. It's been a year and a bit since I moved, a few months since i went nc, and i'm still terrified that they're going to rock up at my house, or even something as little as send a christmas card - thus proving to me they know where to find me if they wanted to

  28. I feel like this all the time, even after over a decade of No Contact. I had moved to the next town over for years to minimize the chances of seeing my mother. I recently moved back to the neighborhood I grew up in, a few miles away from my mother's house and I ran right into at the store. Still recovering from that and I shop at the store that's further away.

  29. and for that reason, i'm never going back. i'm also the stereotype of a kid with a country upbringing who hated it and needed to get the fuck out to the city

  30. The tears don't have to be specifically for him. sounds like a tragic enough situation anyway what with the child finding him. That was enough to make me tear up for the poor thing. But it's also mourning the final loss of any kind of reconciliation, it's a disappointment that he never saw his faults and tried to change. It's a lot of feelings for a lot of reasons all at once, and you don't have to feel bad for feeling. Fuck your dad, though. I hope you're doing better

  31. literally exactly why i was in therapy. school found out i was SHing, said that i was going to be put into the NHS counselling service, and they said they would go private instead. i was 14 at the time and idk how out of their way they went to find someone, but we lived in a very small town and she operated in that town, so i assume not far.

  32. It’s really the cheapest I could find without it being 50 minutes away from campus

  33. yeah me and my flatmate have a £600pcm (so £300 a month each, bills not included bc we have PAYG meters) and a weekly bus ticket is about £15. It will definitely be cheaper to live a little further out and pay for the transport

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