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  1. $4000 firm, minimum rust low balls will be ignored. Ikwig

  2. The sr5 wheels are off a newer Tacoma, maybe 2nd gen?

  3. That’s sweet. There are pins in front of the beams; pull all of them out and let the winch out at the front of the trailer, and Wam bam thank you ma’am.

  4. You need a new mechanic, they don’t want to do it

  5. What is that? Like a d6 or d8? The other one is a 836k right?

  6. Those 836k are massive, we got a fleet of 826s. One day I’ll get a big boy compactor!

  7. I’m a bus, I’m a bus, I’m a bus, I’m a bus….

  8. Those are bubble my dude! you can see some of them pop…………….like a bubble

  9. 🙄 I will have to look at it and let you know

  10. Doesn’t look too bad imo, have had way worse, but I work with a little mom and pop outfit so money is kind of tight

  11. What’s the issue, what am I looking for here

  12. Says it in the description, get kills with the explosion, not a head shot

  13. I like your valve cover paint job looks rad there bud

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