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  1. He took it like a G with no secret service intervention..

  2. All I see are squares.. gonna take a while but I’m sure I’ll be brained washed to love these soon enough 😎

  3. They can buy the entire float with that kind of money..

  4. Too bad this should have been here years ago 🫠

  5. 👀 wow this is so dope.. do you have a video collage of the build?

  6. If you don’t want to risk breaking the stud just go buy a bolt extractor kit. Trust me it’s worth the money if you’re working on your car you will use it again.

  7. Yeah these work good I had a caliper bolt that did this to me.. worked very wel

  8. That car probably can use the down force. Especially with added powers

  9. That’s the I wish it was me circle

  10. Looks cool.. nice mods makes it look cleaner.. sometimes people want the look and don’t need the speed.. nothing wrong with not buying an M car..

  11. They seem a bit… memey? You’re building an ability-based assassin as an AA god. Ravana is better suited to power/pen or as a tanky solo.

  12. Yeah I love him tanky he is so fun.. just like fenrir tanky..

  13. No interior pics to me equals rag muffin.

  14. What’s the volume looking line in AH

  15. Yep me and coworkers at a construction site were saying the same shit.. the wage gab between minimum and middle class is no existent..

  16. Speechless………….Gorgeous..😍😍😍

  17. Hmm.. I wish the tail lights were a little different.. still a beast.. one thing for sure it definitely has a ///M price 🏷️

  18. Depends what you want.. if you just want more power getting on the free way and your happy with your interior I’d stick with the 540 and mid ur.. if your into being in a track ready car get the m5.. but yes go test drive.. may not be worth it to swap out unless you just have the loot.. good luck

  19. I say try it and let’s find out.. but for real it probably won’t just peel off easy and clean fyi..

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