1. I just commented this in another thread but for me it's probably House of Leaves - I loved it but totally understand why others wouldn't. You have to be willing to accept that the structure of the book is as important or more important than the story itself.

  2. As someone who competed for the first time in 5 years...its sometimes just nice to switch it up.

  3. I finished my 52 for the year so I am gonna finally start House of Leaves.

  4. I've found you need to keep up some momentum with House of Leaves, I've tried to read it a few times and enjoyed what I've read but every time I set it down for more than a few days I end up completely lost.

  5. Sometimes our cat just loses us and suddenly realises

  6. We have the same problem. We just yell his name and he runs to us.

  7. When I quit teaching I got a rotten apple tattoo...does that count???

  8. Congrats! I decided I want to go for 52 books in 2023. Never done anything like this before! Do you feel like you enjoyed reading more? What’s your favorite thing about having done it?

  9. I dont know if I enjoyed it more per say...but I was more intentional with what I read and listened to audiobooks for the first time ever! I really like looking back at the books I have read over the year.

  10. It was in the background of a shameless episode which is pretty neat...especially for the artist!

  11. Pointing at things and opening my hand to put them in it. Lots of non verbals.

  12. Always- up to 5 at a time based on the type of book and how dense.

  13. I enjoyed Significant Other more than I expected to. It's on Paramount Plus.

  14. I second this. Dont watch trailers just be surprised-its way better.

  15. That’s honestly the best way to watch any movie these days. They just give away too much. I’d much rather have a 2 sentence write up of what the movie is about. I’m gonna put this movie on now.

  16. I saw a story in star trib about spaces that are geared to more non-conforming gun owners- I cant remember the name of the place though! Might be worth searching.

  17. I also have the soundtrack on vinyl. One of my all time favorites.

  18. I am 3 books away and halfway through 3 books! We are gonna make it!!

  19. I didn’t even know I had ADHD when I was in college. I got through it mostly because I loved my program and I happen to be VERY good at writing papers and learning the way teachers want me to.

  20. This sounds like me! School was a breeze because I could just do things quickly the "right" way and I love learning. But real life stuff.....ha.

  21. Working with kids- as a teacher it helped me juggle tasks and the days were always different. In childcare I get to play as much as I want as well and do different crafts! It keeps me on the move.

  22. Finished- just barely due to reading some horror books too and watching tv shows!

  23. What made you like this book? Do you recommend reading it?

  24. I would lose track of time reading it. I really enjoyed the story as a whole much more than another novel of the author's Horrorstor. I feel like it was paced well and kept my attention.

  25. Not a doctor and just telling my own experience. I thought I had anxiety but it ended up being undiagnosed adhd. There tends to be high addiction rates and I often used/use it to slow my thoughts or make me "not bored". I am hoping to eventually get medicated but dont have the means to do so right now. But yeah, alcohol makes my anxiety come back with a vengeance.

  26. My Maine coon does this every night, and if you stop him he gets really mad

  27. Don't forget the tear-jerking YouTube video. Good luck!

  28. Running with scissors is an all time favorite. Love the movie too!!

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