1. I like watching poker most whenever the players are skilled at the game. I truly do not find watching a bunch of fish/mediocre players entertaining in the slightest.

  2. Let’s not ignore Nick Verdouchey’s Bow Leg fit jeans. Guy needs to burn those asap

  3. I’ve only worn wide leg jeans for at least a year now because they’re popular. (I don’t really follow men’s clothing, but for women wide leg is definitely trending.)

  4. JJ is the fourth best starting hand in NLHE. Why would you hate it?

  5. No, because I’m wearing pants. I take those pants off when I get home and then I take a shower.

  6. I look at all 4 of them, 1 at a time as they come, and never again, unless it's my last action.

  7. I don’t even own a house and probably never will so fuck it dude.

  8. My three favorite cities to play poker in all have ridiculously expensive homes. I’m a renter for life 😭

  9. It’s a nice house! It looks cozy and well maintained. Plenty of windows, lots of natural light, a garage, etc.

  10. I’ve stopped responding to posts that lack crucial information. I can’t even begin to give input without knowing effective stack size.

  11. Changing your mentality on something like this is difficult. At the core of the problem is the fact that you get bored/frustrated with a lack of cards. To ease this, I usually try to talk to the table. Plus, people will soft play you more and give you more information for free after hands. Listening to music or a podcast (with earbuds) are acceptable options too. Just make sure you have enough focus on the game still.

  12. Talking at the table also makes the game a lot more enjoyable, IMO. I hardly even notice when my cards suck!

  13. It’s not my style, so I doubt it. Probably would display it somewhere in my apartment instead.

  14. I play a lot of poker and I would consider myself the polar opposite of a gambler. I can’t speak for others, however.

  15. I’m super social at the table and I’m not sure how much people appreciate it. I feel like I’m distracting people from the game sometimes and then I feel bad.

  16. Probably, it’s a smaller field shot at a bracelet.

  17. Why do you think you probably wouldn’t play poker if you were born a woman?

  18. Wish I were born 20 years earlier so I could’ve experienced this era of poker :(

  19. I’ve used my passport before at the casino and it worked just fine.

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