1. Lmfao the Wynn classic had 15 women chop the money. Speaks volumes

  2. They split the money 15 ways in a tournmanet the other day. Women’s classic or something


  4. I’ve read basically every JRR Tolkien book 10+ times by now 😅

  5. I have never had it and I’m not sure if I’ve had the vaccine for it. Guess I should bring this up next time I’m at the doctor! 🤷‍♀️

  6. I often focus on something I don't care about and then initiate a discussion about that topic. It's the best way to demonstrate my indifference.

  7. I wanted to know if anyone felt the same way about it as I do because I hadn’t seen this opinion expressed

  8. People typically don't express opinions on topics about which they're indifferent.

  9. Table change is usually the best option. I’ve tried to make quiet tables more fun but I usually just end up humiliating myself.

  10. I swear to god I don’t understand how you people manage to always respond with a single word to a multitude of questions that prompt you to elaborate

  11. My best advice is to just ignore it. People don’t really say much to me anymore because they know it doesn’t have an effect on me. They can say all the stupid crap they want and I’m not going to react to it, so it becomes pointless for them to try to get a reaction whenever they know they won’t get one.

  12. OP is def just using an AI voice generator to translate brads vlogs and rip them off lol

  13. He literally mentioned it in his newest vlog and linked it in the description

  14. I’ve never liked skinny jeans because I don’t like the shape of my lower legs for some reason 😝

  15. Nice to see Charlene looking happy and healthy supporting a cause she cares about! ♥️

  16. Player dependent spot— is button a nit? Snap fold, probably TTxx. Is he a player who is capable of jamming a wrap? Then I’d probably make the call.

  17. Idk but I’ve had a guy tell me the way I toss the chips in shows I’ve played a lot of poker but I have no idea what he’s talking about

  18. Is there any job that doesn’t get old/tiring/depressing?? Please tell me if anyone knows

  19. I could see a job like doctor/nurse/social worker/therapist or something not getting tiring because the good you’re doing would probably feel fulfilling and motivating every day 🤷‍♀️

  20. I like drinking occasionally at the table whenever I’m feeling anxious. It also helps me be a little more social, too. I can’t drink often because I drive to the casino most days, but whenever I’m not driving I’ll have a glass or two of Merlot.

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