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  1. I’m from the northeast coast and we do just fine

  2. All of the northeast coast is confirmed just fine guys!!

  3. I get 24 holidays (2x per month) and unlimited vacation (about 20 days last year). I think I’m doing all right…

  4. I'm fission to try some mvp plastic now

  5. I found a chicken of the woods before. It was tasty.

  6. See: that's why I don't trust shredding company to carry my sensitive papers away. I want them shredded on site.

  7. It's what OP says, and they saw with their own eyes... But in the video some of them are clearly printed.

  8. Nah, I rode my bike through it all yesterday. Def had rubber marks from tires though.

  9. NTA - kids can share rooms, teenagers can share rooms, college kids can share rooms… this is insane to me that people keep saying everyone needs their own room.

  10. Bunch of entitled young children in here

  11. NTA. Kids don't NEED their own room, it's a luxury.

  12. Better be a cool bar with a backyard or some good food

  13. They didn’t pick mine up this week…

  14. I am a FTM with an 11 week old so I haven’t actually done any of these, but they are on my list once my bub is older!

  15. You think private lessons are cheaper than Elmer?

  16. Stunt man. AKA professional mountain bike rider.

  17. Live Oak Brewing DGC - Del Valle, TX

  18. No, the sane one's are at a cool local spot drinking frosty margs at 45th and lamar

  19. Had the unfortunate experience of being stuck in MoPac traffic after years of avoiding it via remote work. I think it's back to pre-pandemic levels or worse. Spent 40-50 minutes on MoPac in stop and go traffic.

  20. Dentist. There is a reason I only work the morning on fridays

  21. Do you ride a cervelo also?

  22. Who can I call to check my gas fireplace? We moved into our house recently, and the previous owners provided video of it on and functioning, but we haven't been able to get it to work despite quite a few attempts.

  23. Did you try turning it off then back on?

  24. Interesting, I’d argue that riding your scooter in the bike lane is the correct place to do it (and the legal place to do it). I bike a lot in Austin, and what annoys me is not when they’re riding in the bike lane, but rather when they weave in and out of the bike lane and sidewalks, or cut across an entire street and drop into the bike lane without looking.

  25. some dickhead decided to cut in front of me while waiting at a light, left while it was still on red, then got mad at me for chiming my bell 50 yards ahead when i caught up with him then proceeded to shout obscenities at me and my two year old who was on the back of said bike. fuck scooters who don't understand their place in traffic.

  26. He looks like the same guy who broke into my boss's home 2 nights ago. Jumped his fence into his yard and walked over his patio to try to open his back door. Got caught and had a gun pulled on him by my boss. Ran away after. Happened at around 3am in the morning. North Austin too

  27. Why is everyone shitting on this? This is a pretty great diner. Love their breakfast tacos, pancakes, mimosas, etc. And it’s an open kitchen, you can see them make everything

  28. There was a pizza place before Cane Rosso in Sunset Valley, I don’t remember the name, do you? They had this amazing roasted cauliflower appetizer with yellow raisins that was so good. Do you have the recipe? Or have you mostly replicated a version at home that is close enough? I still think about it 5 years later.

  29. Ok while we're at it, what are they building there now?

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