[OC] My wife said I can't tell anyone yet, but I'm way too excited not to share!! I'm going to be a freaking dad!!!

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  1. Do you know when these raises going to affect?

  2. Good to hear I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t

  3. That’s awesome to hear. I couldn’t figure out why the sites are not thank you guys.

  4. Do you feel you’re better off having a union?

  5. Tomorrow at my store I meant old other stores could be any day so you have to go in daily and ask

  6. I like to help if you need someone still

  7. I think I recognize that tree!! HeHe cats out of the bag. I will call tonight.

  8. I am so good at martial arts. I don’t even need a weapon or hands to blow out candles.

  9. Da Buddha you can get a factory 2nd cosmetic defect on eBay right from the manufacturer store a classic and very underrated. You can hook it up to any water pipe if you want or just use the whip.

  10. Hi I’m mobile 39 guy let’s chat

  11. Are you guys setting something up im in

  12. I love how all these questions come once you get home why not look at the product before you pay a lot of money for it.

  13. 39 guy in nw Ohio I’m new to the scene but I’m ready to jump in

  14. Lesson learned check the date before you pay. And nothing on it has an expiration date.

  15. Are you mad about the small nug? I’m so confused.

  16. Granted you get what you pay for, I just didn't dig there brown red pop and wedding cake.

  17. I saw that too why is it that color?

  18. I just called them they don’t take out of state. For the caregiver you need to be in state

  19. Are you taking out of state patients

  20. It is a $10 oz who cares how bad it is. 15 years ago $10 would get you a g of brick weed.

  21. usually ask before I make the purchase. At this point you’re kind of stuck they better be good

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