1. Playing this game on the hardest mode and with the language as Russian is so fun, it’s challenging but it’s just awesome

  2. Well, I completed the main story and because I'm a completionist - meaning that I hate myself - I now have to gather the remaining trophies. Including completing the game on Ranger Hardcore mode.

  3. All the Metro games are amazing and some of the best atmosphere and immersion in gaming. If you haven’t played the first 2 highly recommend the Remastered versions

  4. I played Metro Last Light Redux years ago when I used to play on Xbox. I loved that game, though having now been a couple hours into Exodus - it's safe to say that this is my favourite and quite possibly the most immersed I've been in gaming. However, I still need to check out Metro 2033 as well as the novels.

  5. I've been pushing Blood and Venom 3.1 and am currently stuck on Emma Frost. I was wondering why I wasn't regaining health and why her shiny phase wasn't showing - only to come to the sub and find out that game is bugging out for the 100th time. Thanks Kabam.

  6. I took the shards to form a 6* crystal and pulled Knull.

  7. I’ve been sitting on 8,000 of these shards for months. Pretty much as long as I can remember. I just want them to add some way to get them so I can get rid of them.

  8. Do you remember how you got those shards? I vividly remember only obtaining them sometime this year.

  9. I know! I only recall seeing this crystal maybe last month and only got from back then.

  10. Have you been able to fix the issue? I've had the same message appear repeatedly since updating and reinstalling the game.

  11. Mate these are amazing! How are they so good? Mine are always blurry 🤣

  12. Thank you! When I took the photos and viewed them from my phone, it was very blury. Though after downloading them, there's little blurriness. I'm unsure how that works but that's what seems to have happened.

  13. So you screenshot the animation and then download them?

  14. Yes. So basically, I'll enter photomode and apply whatever filter/aspect such as whether I want it to be in b/w, what different wheather I want, etc. Then, I will hide the photomode menu and take a screenshot on my PS5. Thereafter, when I'm on the PS App, all my photos are blurred, even after downloading them. Though, having now posted them on the Sub, they appear to be clear/have little blurriness to them.

  15. After reading tidbits of Miracleman online, I would love to make an R-rated adaptation with the main villain being Dr. Gargunza. Either that, or a PG-13 Nova film with an apocalyptic theme that takes place after Thanos aquires the stone from Xandar; and Annihilus would be the villain.

  16. Its actually a reference to Gump forest, a forest Winston Groom was hiking in when he was inspired to write the story

  17. I just watched Bo's Netflix special and all I can say is that it is pure brilliance.

  18. Even though I really love the game (I play on console), it seemed that every time I would play rank, I would disconnect. Its one of the few reasons why I stepped away from r6.

  19. I am pretty sure that the 'Pure Hatred' synergy of Psycho man is this guy. Don't understand what you mean by the others.

  20. That for my friends and I on mcoc, whenever we go against those champs, they always cause lag issues because of their specials and so on.

  21. If that's the case, Mangog will have great synergies with Vision Aarkus, Psycho Man, and Professor X!

  22. That's why everyone else is pissed when someone leaves too, genius.

  23. I am currently on the last main mission of the game, and so I am trying to collect iconic weapons as well as upgrading my own main three weapons ( Comrade's hammer, Overwatch, and crusher ). When I upgrade Comrade's hammer to icon, it takes away the epic version and converts it to iconic/legendary, but when I upgrade my rare Overwatch sniper to epic, I keep my rare version and I am unable to store the weapon in the main apartment cash room. Furthermore, I am also unable to store Skippy ( the smart pistol that you gain from a briefcase in an alleyway ) in my cash to complete the wall of iconic and unique weapons. Can someone help me please?

  24. It is a know bug, slightly connected to quest items, some items are classed as quest items, you see this "!" in a yellow circle in top right of icon, most times when you use a quest item it removes it from inv as no longer needed, sometimes it doesnt remove it & gets stuck in inv, game is thinking it is a quest item so you are unable to get rid of it, destroy, store or sell it, sometimes when crafting the next tier it doesn't remove the rare version, then it seems to apply the "!" to it & you are stuck with it, i have maybe 30 items stuck in my inv, i crafted 10 iconic johnny jackets for crafting xp & i am stuck with them in my inv because they all have the "!" quest symbol., also regarding skippy, i also had the "!" icon on my skippy & was unable to stick it on the wall, but then a day later the icon was removed & i could place it in stash, i understand why cdpr have made it so you cant accidentally destroy quest items but its bugging out & lots of people are stuck with items in thier inv, a simple fix for now would be to allow us to STORE the quest items in a stash.

  25. I am conflicted whether or not to rank 4 my 5* Thing or Guillotine 2099, I am currently stuck on act 5.3.1 and have not completed any Variant quests. Who should I rank up?

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