1. does anyone know if the Luon WU will ever come back? The new fabric and style is so different and I personally hate it

  2. You could try their Like New site? You can search by fabric type. I know some have bad luck but I just received two separate orders and they were both perfect/as described.

  3. ‘On the Nature of Daylight’ by Max Richter was a beautiful touch - really added to the gut punch lol

  4. Oh god I was already crying and then that started playing and I was like "fuck you, show!!!"

  5. Open back half zip “SWEATER” for $128 😂😂😂

  6. I thought it was cute in the black and white colors, but not for that damn price

  7. Why is the open back half zip sweater only in bright orange??


  9. I’m strangely into this. Reminds me of those initial bags from limited too I had back in the day 😂

  10. Omg Limited Too, you just sent me into a nostalgia spiral 😂

  11. I made my first order on like new and am worried I will regret it 😬

  12. Oh no, I also have my first order coming from Like New- is it super hit or miss?

  13. Damn, that is DETAILED! They're artists.

  14. I’ve been wanting to order from YesStyle but was worried how safe the site was, is the shipping super long?

  15. Shipping can be long but I've ordered from them (and Stylevana) multiple times and my stuff has always been exactly what I ordered.

  16. I'm obsessed with the bunny EBB, it's been so easy to wear which surprised me?

  17. I am so jealous you got to see it alone in a theater setting! Our crowd was at least mostly respectful, but that's so lucky.

  18. Seconding this. I thought it leaned into some great creature horror, more than other nuclear apocalypse stories.

  19. I’m interested in what they do with the Deep now that that’s been confirmed as an Amazon Prime series.

  20. Like, they're gonna have to make some major changes or lean hard into an R rating or something right? I remember some pretty fucked up things in that. So curious how that turns out.

  21. Hands down, Thrilling Foods makes the best facon. It's tofu that is smoked and has cracked pepper on it. It looks, cooks, and tastes the same as bacon. Trust me on this. I have tried every single company out there and I am not exaggerating. Y'all Foods makes incredible bacon bits as well. Order directly from the company though, I see retailers having issues keeping them fresh so they aren't coming in crunchy. I've never had the problem ordering direct.

  22. Thirding this bacon. Absolutely delicious and cooks in its own "fat" like the real thing. I order packs of three at a time from them for the discount but I might be upping that 😂 I could eat an entire pack myself, but my meat eating partner is also obsessed with these.

  23. I remember Dead Set being INTENSE! Good stuff.

  24. Clearly you just have to make your arrivals grander.

  25. Was in academia but didn't get pregnant. However after seeing incredibly shady shit go down and students get screwed over, retaliated against, you name it, my advice would be to document everything in writing related to any of this. Send emails after in-person meetings saying "confirming X, Y, Z as discussed in our meeting today". See if there are any resources like a grad student union, student advocacy group, or ombudsman that can be contacted if necessary.

  26. Allegedly, my older sister was going to be Regan if not for that movie. They chose Meghan instead.

  27. That's really funny considering the new horror movie out called Megan. She could only escape her fate for so long haha.

  28. I'm from the Chicagoland area and think deep dish fucking sucks. I don't get the obsession.

  29. burts and pequod's are absolutely delicious. just like anything, it depends on where you go

  30. I think of both Sidney the final girl from Scream and Sidney Crosby the hockey player, so... It feels pretty gender neutral to me I guess?

  31. Between Two Fires is a book, not a film, and it doesn't exactly fit your ask, but it is about a disgraced knight traveling with an alcoholic and gay priest and a child who claims to see angels in a world where the Church has been taken over and possessed by demons of lust, debauchery, and violence, where statues of the Virgin Mary come to life and devour babies in the night, and where angels and demons alike are terrifying monstrous entities that can cause untold amounts of horrifying damage.

  32. Holy shit I bought this book, knew only that it took place in the medieval era and people liked it, but now it's moving to the front of my list. This sounds AMAZING.

  33. Oh my god I'm so happy someone else feels this way. They were definitely the villains!

  34. Well let's see, you've got three "Creature From the Black Lagoon" pictures, although in truth only the first one is very good and the third one can hardly be called "aquatic" at all.

  35. Great suggestions! Also always love a MST3k mention. I'm pretty sure watching those constantly as a kid was my horror gateway 😂

  36. This was the most fun I've had with a new horror movie in ages. M3GAN's slow descent into madness was fantastic. The blending of comedy and horror was done about as well as it could be. Genuinely very surprised with this one. I might be overrating it a bit, but based on how much fun I had this is a 9/10 for me.

  37. 100% agreed! I actually kind of felt bad for Megan; she was telling Jemma she just created a learning protocol, left her on her own to figure it out, and didn't help her or guide her at all. How she learned about death was hilarious and sad 😂

  38. The Ritual and The Vigil (theme: guilt)

  39. The Celine sangle came with a leather strap?! What year is your sangle bag? I’m thinking about getting it (secondhand), but I’ve been putting it off because I’m not a fan of the fabric strap.

  40. I think mine is a 2017 or 2018 seasonal color but there were a couple years they did that across seasons. I'm pretty sure it was only for smooth leather, no grained, for including both straps? I remember the "authenticate my Celine" thread on purse forum had a few on there in different colors when I went digging. I love the strap flexibility, good luck in your search!

  41. Thank you for the info! I had no idea the sangle design goes as far back as 2017. I’m recently getting into Celine (I know, I know…I’m so late to the game). I just love the simplicity of their designs, less jazz. Hopefully, I find a sangle bag with duel straps in neutral. Thanks again for your help!

  42. Np! This link has a couple examples of Sangles with leather straps:

  43. We use MarleyBox. Which is absolutely more expensive, but like others have mentioned I save time and mental load, and we don't get a box every week. I also like this one because I feel like I'm actually learning techniques and improving what I know, plus the food tastes better than HelloFresh in my opinion.

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