1. Terry Trueblood got put under a no swim advisory because of e. Coli bacteria levels not too long ago.

  2. Here is a video put out by the VA itself covering this. The answer is no.

  3. Iowa supposedly has medical cannabis it’s just that no one gets qualified to use it.And if you do the amount is so small that it’s worthless.

  4. I have heard the exact opposite of this.

  5. I thought the THC percentages they allow here basically do nothing? I don't know for sure. Not an expert on how all this helps people.

  6. They actually changed it so the percentages are higher. But now there's a cap of how many grams per 90 day cycle you can have. The 90-day cycle is rolling, and there is a very easy to fill out form for an exemption to the grams and get it increased.

  7. I haven't seen the new MST3K season yet. Is the riffing back to the old standard in the early days?

  8. I'd agree, the pacing is way less frantic this season.

  9. MST3K did this last year to kick off their new season! I mean, it was probably cut but still awesome. L!

  10. Everyone thinks that ticks are seasonal, thats NOT true. Ticks are active all year round, some more than others. I use to live on the river, surrounded by woods. One year in January, I discovered a tick on my dog. Did some research and come to find out that there are certain species that do not go dormant during the winter months.

  11. I had one embedded and partly engorged on me like last Wednesday. Thought that was pretty early.

  12. That's the worst! Then you freak out thinking it's another tick anytime you feel something for the next day.

  13. Rifftrax has Miami Connection available and their jokes make it even better.

  14. My new favorite thing is the karate guy faking playing the guitar.

  15. So when are you lighting the beacons to ask Rohan for aid?

  16. I literally lol'd at this!! Thanks, I needed that 😊

  17. Actually, Hasbro release some quests on their website and one of them is an alternate beginning that I think is supposed to be less brutal than the trial.

  18. I'm not sure where you're coming from, but a lot of people forget that each county has their own system of free county parks. They range from a parking lot near prairie/forests to Kent Park near IC which was recently overhauled and has more facilities. There's also tons of bike trails in the area.

  19. Looks pretty! Where's the hill at? I haven't heard of it yet.

  20. Not surprised that you haven't, it's an old name from when the town was first founded. The hill is at the corner of Oak Crest Hill and Poweshiek, south of town.

  21. Every so often, it gets uploaded to YouTube for a week or two before it gets taken down.

  22. The waffle top is very good, but not the absolute best, in my opinion.

  23. After I tried the newer brown sweater, I heard about the wool one and I do not regret buying two of them. It was my middle layer when I was outside in -37 wind chill, and I was roasty toasty warm.

  24. You can fish for, fish... They don't stop eating just because it's cold you know.. :p And we also don't actually know where you're at so hard to know what you could fish for.

  25. I can't believe I forgot the location! It's Iowa, but I think I'm good with your advice!! Thanks!!!!

  26. cgia says:

    Spare Me bowling and arcade

  27. I just checked out their website, good call!

  28. They included a bonus in my seeds. They sent some Seneca sunflower seeds. Hadn’t considered growing sunflowers but I am excited.

  29. I just remembered - I called seeds of hope with questions and they were really awesome answering them! Bonus, it didn't feel like I was bothering them!

  30. That's awesome! I can't wait to get mine now! Up to watch it on my squash, my neighbor has a big garden and I have no idea what is in it.

  31. https://www.reddit.com/r/choctaw/comments/10dia1x/_/

  32. The Choctaw do this though the seeds of hope program and it's awesome!!

  33. Would these last longer than conventional houses?

  34. What an interesting choice subreddit to post something like this in, is that you buzz_a_buzz?

  35. Naw, I don't have the energy for secret identities.

  36. I see what's up. I was posting this due to the ICCSD snow day yesterday.

  37. Haha, okay, so maybe it aged a little poorly.

  38. Odd compliment, but way to be cool about the change in weather.

  39. Team rocket is blasting off again!

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