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  1. Don't go solo mastery. Feel free to change your build according to your gear or playstyle. Veteran isn't completely easy but you shouldn't have that much of a problem even without gear. If you do go melee you have to get your resists up asap and maybe some sort of health regen from skills / devotions

  2. the classes and items are all available right from the start.

  3. Maybe it's because English is not my first language but I didn't mean at all to pat myself on the back - the opposite. All I'm saying is I'm lucky to even get so far without knowing how my build works. Just stacking %pierce dmg and somehow it became my almost exclusive dmg type. I wanna know how it happened

  4. Ammm, I guess I sort of understand it if I consider the DW ability +flat pierce. Because without it, it seems weird that my weapons that deal 30-50 physical + 10 pierce will get me to do 95% pierce dmg. Yeah I have +1000% pierce but also +450% physical. Cadence for example - It only works with itself right? Meaning it does it's dmg based on my main and secondary weapon (but their dmg is technically psychical again) I don't know if I'm clear again. Thanks anyway

  5. As the most experienced worker at my work I'm the one to usually train the new ones. I always tell them to expect it's gonna be shitty and unrewarding. Maybe that's why they leave before I do, as the most experienced worker at my work.

  6. I'm actually a good worker and teacher, but brutally honest as well. I guess overtly there's nothing they can complain about

  7. when the plunder and death of everyone you care and love turns out as a side mission :(

  8. I know nothing, but I know what coach would say: "We aim for peak performance, a woman who wants to tear you off of your clothes, not someone who takes 3 dates to get a kiss and a bit of affection. Move on, go out on more dates, get more experience, have more fun and hook up more"

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