1. Not sure what you’re fishing for, but I would have put tops down in the tracks to cover that muddy road

  2. This is a page for memes actually. And no. You’re still gonna die like a bitch lol

  3. What’s this model called? I like the look of it

  4. Really digging that color, I’ll have to get a roll one day

  5. “Hockey grip tape” from Amazon or eBay. Don’t triple the price for a goon tape label

  6. I stand corrected on how many there are around the world. But I've just gotten so tired of how frequently it happens here and not a single thing is done about it. I was raised super conservative and even competed in IDPA matches, but I haven't touched a gun in years and wish the US would do the same thing Australia did forever ago.

  7. I’m assuming you meant to say “white” there and ask why you want to bring race into it. Also, what asshole is going to go through the trouble when guns are supposedly so damn easy to get they practically put themselves in your hands? People like you are always on some bullshit wannabe liberal CNN tittybaby talking point and readily demonstrate that you don’t have the backbone to participate in a legitimate discussion about American society or politics.

  8. One sec…do you own these axes and not know what they are for? I’m not being a jerk…seriously…most people that actively collect axes do not have 1, let alone 3 of these heads. The 2 on the left are “racing” axes and are very expensive. The one on the right is either another style racing axe or a very nice Connecticut pattern head. Technically the racing axes can be used for felling or chopping but that’s kinda like taking a Rolls Royce two blocks to the liquor store. An axe is an axe at the end of the day, you just happen to have some of the most expensive examples of what a “specialty axe” is. Best of luck. — — Edit: I see you actually do use these for competition but not sure which one to use for which event? Are you new to the timbersports world? Would love to know what event you are doing. Best of luck, again.

  9. We’re the college Forestry Club and compete at conclave every year which is some academic stuff and some timber sports stuff. Just a place for all the forestry programs in the southeast to gather and compete against each other.

  10. I don’t even want to get involved in this one I could go for hours on this

  11. 😂😂 I never knew the axe world went so deep

  12. Just get the dictionary of forestry and have people open up to random pages and make flash cards. Or check the last few California RPF tests and take those glossary definitions, make flash cards and use those. Just make flash cards. Use your tests or the chapter vocabulary words in a silviculture book. But if you don’t already have it you need the dictionary of forestry

  13. Thanks for the heads up, I’m looking into getting a copy for the program’s library now!

  14. I haven’t been the hugest fan of the SAF so far but a student membership cost $40 per year and you get access to all their publications like Journal of Forestry

  15. I want this guys yard it looks so nice out there

  16. I just took it out and filled the hole with epoxy then I’m getting the holster cerakoted in multicam black for my airsoft CQB kit

  17. It’s a retention screw for your virginity. Don’t remove it.

  18. Tell me about that red guy on the back... is that a charging handle?

  19. 7378 have the ALS system? Still learning about Safariland stuff

  20. Damn just the stuff I need right when I don’t have money

  21. Stink another in the same filament toy put on your shelf that thing looked so sick


  23. Never seen such an unpopular bot comment before

  24. Does the Solo have a reticle like the R/T or is it just plain glass

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