1. Turn your work around, slip that end stitch to your empty needle, work as instructed.

  2. Looks like you slipped that first stitch on the left needle instead of knitting it, and there's a loos strand in front of it? If so (I'm pretty sure, but I can't fully see the strand in this photo) you just need to pull that strand through the stitch to form a new stitch. It needs to go back to front though to make a stockinette stitch.

  3. You just missed to knit the next loop on the previous row, just pick up the loose strand of yarn and purl it through the loop before continuing with this row.

  4. Have you tried washing it according to the yarn band instructions? Is it red wine?

  5. Yes it's red wine! I didn't wash it yet, I thought that red vine will still be visible since it's so persistent. Maybe I should try

  6. Hey there, I spilled wine on this project and tried frogging but it is very difficult since the wool is very fizzy and my needles not slippery enough. Are there any other options?

  7. Lucky! I would love to buy second hand but I'm just too paranoid about bugs and larvaes lol.

  8. Did you put your work down mid-row? That looks like an accidental short row.

  9. I don't know why I keep making short rows all the time โ˜น๏ธ

  10. The one you have circled looks fine. The one to the left of the marker maybe twisted but it's kind of smushed up so hard to tell.

  11. I tried to correct it but now it looks even worse. Can you please check my new post? Will be posting in a minute.

  12. I just got some cheapo plastic bins with lids from Target. They're not completely air tight, but close enough, and I stick some lavender sachets in there just in case.

  13. Thank you! Oh yes, those lavender sachets are very useful, have them in my closet as well. That's actually a good idea to put them in the boxes / tins too.

  14. You know how you can get popcorn in big tins for the holidays? I use those. After washing them out, of course! I also have a couple of storage ottomans.

  15. thatโ€™s probably why she spent all that money on them bc she knew their bio family was gonna be there .

  16. In all fairness, why would she do that? Doesn't make sense at all. She does that with every child.

  17. Yep, that's Japanese. It says Rammstein.

  18. So big? Honestly they look like they're too small. They don't seem to fit properly whatsoever.

  19. Etsy is a good place to start. Or a locally sourced yarn store. Big box/name stores carry mostly acrylic. Webs online store also has a large collection. Just look at the material section online to make sure you are ordering what fiber you want.

  20. Thank you! I will check etsy. Do you have any brands you could recommend? I'm just so overwhelmed by the amount they're offering ๐Ÿ˜…

  21. Is it being streamed anywhere? Would love to rewatch it ๐Ÿ’˜

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