1. I feel like this is a question asked by someone who has either never had sex or just had sex for the first time.

  2. It's a valid question, many physical health conditions like endometriosis, Ms, etc can cause issues like unbearable pain or loss of sensation making it difficult to have sex or reach an orgasm.

  3. Bro I'm autistic and I do that stuff even when I'm not stoned, it intensity when I'm stoned 😂 glad I'm not alone

  4. Had a new manager at a random covid testing job, first day in he's talking about the girl that hes just left at his flat and all the girls he used to mess around with in school just litteraly acting like a teenage boy (he had grey hair) and just picking on people all day and flirting with married staff. I'm glad I left a week later.

  5. Slightly unpopular opinion here. Most doctors I've met have only care about short term results (high doses of pred clear up the inflammation and it's job well done for them. But as we all know pred comes with a variety of long term side effects which we have to pick up the pieces (lower immunity, frequent infections, insulin resistance, weight gain, bone problems, GI problems...).

  6. On another occasion I decided not to take the steroid as I felt I was getting better by myself and it was okay, on this occasion as I felt I am getting worse I have decided to take it but I agree, we should look into our medications before taking them and if we make an educated decision of not taking it we can speak to our doctor about it. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of trust in my GPS due to some negative experiences such as suffering from asthma for years before a doctor finally(after me asking) listening to my chest and realising its asthma etc. In the UK we aren't given nebulisers unless hospitalised and I've never even had any tests done so far even though I've had quite bad exacerbations until I got the right steroid inhaler.

  7. I'm in the UK, you can buy decent nebulizers for £50 on Amazon, and I asked my GP to give me ventolin nebulizer solution and agreed on an "out of the book" strategy as I believed it helped me minimize the use of pred during my attacks.

  8. My gp advised against them as they can make your lungs rely on them apparently, I'll ask again when I next speak to them but I really don't think so with my GP! They previously told me my oxygen Sat's can't be as low as 87 or I would be dead. (I do my emergency meds and it usually goes up to a reasonable level).this has happened on multiple occasions with different meters and videod but they still told me its impossible. (I used to work in a respiratory ward and would monitor patients with even lower sats quite often which we then had to adjusted the oxygen.)

  9. I have so many different kinds of plants after a period of obsessing over them and all are happy and fine through winter other than my succulents 😭

  10. One Halloween my mum got me these wings for my costume and they needed batteries, I asked my mum if I would actually be able to fly once we got batteries for it and she said yes, I spent days dreaming of flying once I got my wings on (still do occasionally) until we got some batteries and it was only for fairy lights on the wings. It didn't even flap. 😭😭

  11. I am a M51 and the doctors (neuro and PCP) seemed annoyed I asked my wife to come with me. To be honest, my wife also thinks it is anxiety and deconditioning so she was a little annoyed too.

  12. Being as young as I am I felt the same way and still do occasionally and worry it is in my head. I am reminded that it's not when I start getting the pains in my face or have trouble walking, if you're struggling to walk there's a reason for that, you should get your results soon in your MRIs. Hopefully it is in our heads, but in the case we do have it I hope we find out quickly so we can receive treatment. I hope it goes well for you today so you can finally get some help.

  13. My family (sons/wife/sister) tell me it is in my head and given my long history of hypochondria, they are somewhat justified, but I KNOWS this is different. Unfortunately being older, male and obese, I can see it advance fast…I am already working with a lawyer to get my estate planning and a financial advisor to plan how to live if I cannot work, and another lawyer to get Medicare/SSA/Medical if I get disabled…they think this is premature but each day is a struggle to focus at work and as a systems analyst, I need to do it. I also have a two floor house with no restroom in the first. My symptoms started in August…

  14. If you've been having symptoms since August, you would know your body better than anyone else, keep pushing and advocating for yourself, they just don't want to even think that it's possible I think. I've seen a lot of people say they've been told it's in their head etc or it's anxiety/hypochondria to begin with but were diagnosed months later after some MRIs. I'm hoping you get some answers and can get the help you need.

  15. Yes I always wonder how confused police would be if I were to ever be killed.

  16. i am registered with the new one! only started since i moved

  17. That's very odd, can't you call them up and ask them to help you out as you can't contact your previous doctor and you don't live in that area anymore, they should be able to refer you as their current patient.

  18. Give them a call and make sure you don't hang up until they help you sort it out, try and keep on top of it until you get the refferal part sorted, they should ask you to fill out an asrs form, once that's sorted you can relax and wait until they contact you as it may be a few months.

  19. Ive done this twice in the month of JANUARY. Luckily I didn't receive any angry letters or emails saying I missed something. It baffled the hell out of me having an appointment to something and not even remembering who I spoke to or when 😭😭😭

  20. I get alot of spasms in my hips n bum, sometimes it feels like my phone is vibrating in my pocket when I know its not. It tends to get worse from there. I'm on gabapentin for it and I find it really helps, maybe you could convince a doctor to give u something. Heat can help too. Hope you find relief.

  21. I'm on pregabalin already for panic attacks which actually does nothing for my pains. I'm just trying to figure out if it is endo related or a symptom to something else as I'm worried I may have MS. It went on all evening every 10 minutes spasming/twitching.

  22. They put me on that first n I found it made me worse, anxiety wise n did nothing for pain. But that's medications isn't it, they can be different for everyone. I've been diagnosed with endo so I think mines related to that. I've found mine really intermittent and unpredictable.

  23. It did give me a lot of anxiety too and wasn't that effective, finally it has stopped though!! I'm guessing it's related to endo too in that case, thank you!

  24. Oh my god yes. And I'd always end up regretting getting chatty with people again as I always say something I shouldn't and it comes and bites me in the ass.

  25. I had been struggling with my mental health and read about ADHD, realised I had it and got diagnosed in december. Recently I've also been having a lot of symptoms that align with MS and am waiting further testing but now looking back I'm wondering if that's why I felt my ADHD felt so much more Severe lately as the short term memory issues, problem solving issues etc felt at another level. I haven't started adhd medication yet but will ask my provider if MS could be causing some of these symptoms.

  26. I just use a razor 🤷 to be fair I only do it on my chin and my corners of my upper lip. I get these vogue longs ones in a few places aswell which I'll pluck but not as often.

  27. I am on fostair nexthaler powder and I will be starting Lisdexamfetamine in a few months. I wasn't told of any interactions and was advised albuterol was okay too.

  28. Interesting. When I look it up it warns of heart rhythm which is often the reaction with too much steroids.

  29. I'm in the UK though, they also monitor your blood pressure/weight/heart rate during titration. Every medication has possible side effects I'm guessing you'd have to trial and error unless it's advised to not use them together.

  30. I have asthma with a lot of phlegm, my best tips are don't lay down on your back, always elevate your head especially when sleeping as it makes breathing harder, sleeping face first can help too. Just sitting up by itself makes coughing phlegm up easier, a humidifier can also help or turn the hot shower on and sit in the bathroom with the steam for a bit to loosen it up. Try and have a few big coughs by using all your muscles and diaphragm to get the most of the phlegm out every now and again. If you can get an oximeter that's great you can use it to monitor your oxygen to make sure you're not deprived, I'd also call a doctor if you're feeling to weak to cough as that can be dangerous. You may need an inhalor or nebuliser to help so call your doctor for sure.

  31. It took me around 8 months from first seeing my Dr but that was due to my GP causing a delay too. I received login in September and got diagnosed in December. Titration is in a further 5 or so months.

  32. Stuff like this happens, I've seen it happen a lot working at the hospital as a heathcare assistant previously. What's important is you didn't try to Sweep it under the rug and you fixed the issue. I've had a nurse leave a patient with no insulin for a whole day and never even document it Poor lady had a terrible night and we didn't know what was wrong with her.

  33. I used to be told I'm a hyponcondriac or a drama queen if I ever complained about anything and was told its normal for my periods to hurt so much that I had to miss days off school. Now that I've finally started taking control of my health I have been diagnosed with multiple health issues that I tried to push past and ignore. I regret it and it now causes me to over worry for myself as I've realised only I've got my own back.

  34. Also like others have mentioned I would rather worry and feel the urge to get it sorted and look after myself rather than leave it. I say this as I currently have a dental issue which is 2 years over due. (my doctors office said they're surprised i hadnt had sepsis by now) (appointments on Tuesday 👌)

  35. I take an antihistamine every morning and it usually does the trick.

  36. It really does hurt more. I cannot talk to my parents anymore without my husband present to shield me from and help me cope with and process the verbal abuse. I want nothing more than to call my mom for comfort all the time, but I have to remind myself that she never gives me the comfort and nurturing I need, she always ends up berating me and I end up in tears and feeling worse than when I called whenever I call her. I still want to call her though. It’s so weird. It’s like I’m subconsciously looking for the comfort she gave me as an infant that gradually faded into criticism and abuse over time as I grew older and now here we are. I am trying to use my rational mind to say, “turning to her for comfort is only going to make things worse” but I just want to call her with every fiber of my being and it’s so foolish and illogical and I hate myself for it. It’s a catch 22. On bad days I either end up in tears because I’m so sad that my mom is such a jerk and I can’t call her, or I end up an uncontrollable sobbing mess because I’ve called her and she said something to me I wouldn’t say to my worst enemy (I’m not the type of person to have any enemies though) in a million years and now I feel worse than the scum of the earth. It’s hard to trust doctors because of my mom.

  37. That sounds terrible but I'm glad that you have your husband who can support you with your family. I can't even imagine not having my mum to call for comfort even though she's not perfect either but atleast I can. I think your right you are looking for the comfort and approval and validation from her which is only natural when you have a hard parent figure. There's nothing that stresses me out as much as my mum as she's very irrational but I also couldn't live without calling her everyday either. You'd think you'd be able to trust doctors more because of your mum. Have you been to therapy? I feel like therapy could help give you another outlet when you're happy/sad so you don't feel the need to speak to your mother as much or so that you don't feel the need to share stuff you know she could hold against you? With my parents I try to keep boundaries because my mum can overstep a lot and really she doesn't need to know all my business as she's judgmental and it always bites me in the ass!

  38. I'd recommend the Cerave moisturiser, a moisturising primer (Tarte - Quench is great) on top and then build your foundation with light layers with a dewy finish foundation, let it dry then use the tiniest bit of powder to set.

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