I personally think it's unbelievable that people are trying to win PvP instead of letting me win PvP

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  1. Tenet was the worst offender in this respect.

  2. They're like the people that cry about skill-based matchmaking in Call Of Duty cause they can't club baby seals for a quick ego stroke anymore.

  3. I turned 40 a month ago, will graduate in May. Never too old to change

  4. Dude, Linda Hamilton in T2 is the gold standard of female leads in action movies.

  5. I still think Sigourney in Alien/Aliens tops Linda Hamilton.

  6. Im on 189 and still do not have one

  7. Not yet- think last run was no 241. TBH im giving up for a while, need to get away from UBRS.

  8. Very similar story here, my 20's were not good to me, it started with ending a relationship in a very messy way (I know young love and all that but it really affected me for a long time). I then lost my hair at 22 which destroyed my self esteem, my parents had also split a few years earlier, again in a very messy way (still wont be in the same room together almost 20 years later). I moved out on my own at 19, the recession hit when i was 26. Basically, it was tough and I dealt with it by trying to push it all away and found some calm in smoking weed, which i did every single day from 20-30

  9. Kind of a cop out answer but pretty much every Nirvana track I prefer live over the studio. There's something very raw about how they performed live. Only exception I think is lounge act, I've never found a live version I liked over the nevermind version.

  10. Yeah I think it’s going to be close at ulduar geared out. I presume fury will start to really overtake arms so maybe there won’t be an arms warrior, so a combat rogue will be necessary?

  11. Ill probably stay assassin myself, I'm the only rogue in the guild that raids and there are 2 warriors and a few dks so I imagine there will be some competition for swords whereas no one will want daggers. I haven't really looked at BIS lists for phase 2 so not sure all these classes will be looking a the same weapons. Also I just like daggers

  12. ive done 80 rend runs now, easily more than half have dropped a dal rend

  13. If it makes u feel better im on 218 without the dagger

  14. This is a completely delusional take, I got into Nirvana on my own when I was in the 4th grade. I'm 15.

  15. I love that the younger generation still appreciate Nirvana. I'm 40 and got into them when I was 12. I still listen to them almost daily.

  16. IIRC in TNG they found out that every humanoid looking species comes from a common ancestor species that lived 4 billion years ago or something like that

  17. Correct, the episode is called The Chase

  18. If i am doing all this only to in 8 months time be forced to port to classic and start the process all over again after i find a private server or something that actually will stay as wrath then it is not fun, no. Knowing all this effort is going to get flushed down the loo when they try to boost numbers by releasing the next expansion again then im not going to be chuffed about it haha.

  19. having a bank alt is an absolute game changer. Anytime i need to clear my bags all i need is a mailbox.

  20. You can make one of those with engineering: )

  21. Engineering was only like 1.5k to level from 1-450. Super cheap……

  22. On my server I think it was closer to 2-2.5k but still well worth it

  23. Gdkp just respects the time of the Player more than any other raid format. You raid for, let's say 2 hours. Even if nothing drops you could need or you cant afford any of the items that dropped and you needed in the end you get something for the work you put in.

  24. I agree with this, im in a raiding guild so I have only ever ran 2 GDKP's (these were weeks when I knew in advance I would not be able to attend Guild raids due to real life commitments). Both times I had gotten 3 or 4 items, relatively cheap (Blade of Savagery for like 500g...steal) and made a few thousand gold. Also both times the group was really fun and chill.

  25. I agree with almost all entries here.

  26. Rumor has it that the achievement breaks when you use Sapper charges and/or when anyone does not die after a wipe by Vanish/Feign Death/Bubblehearth.

  27. Ours got messed up last week in 25's by using DI. Didn't do that this week and got the achievement.

  28. Gentlemen, you can't play in here, this is the boardroom!

  29. came for the Dr Strangelove reference, not disappointed

  30. "Mein Fuhrer.....sorry I mean Mr Chariman"

  31. Are you saying foreign people come to Dublin and on arrival search “Dublin” into pornhub to find out things to do?

  32. ‘Pornhub where is my closest chicken fillet roll’

  33. Pornhub recommends : one hot piece of meat covered in sauce

  34. I dont think our rogue has a fan of knives build. Im curious to what that is

  35. Basically using a specific build taking some points in both combat and assas and using the right weapons and gear for both energy regeneration and increase AOE dps you can chain fan of knives (rogue AOE attack) over and over and over doing absolutely insane damage.

  36. Im gonna talk to my guild rogues today thanks for the insight!

  37. If they need any tips on gear selection and talent points tell them to check out Simonize on YouTube and discord. Best resources for rogue information

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