1. Which pokemon game would you recommend to play? Arceus or sword and shield or something else? Is there that old pokemon game existing on switch as well that is not a 3rd person game?

  2. As soon as I pushed down on the power button on the error, it went off. It's been plugged in over 6 hours, held power button for like a minute, no life.

  3. Plugged in via dock or directly? If docked, try the latter.

  4. Probably nothing. Nintendo games don't often get new major features out of the blue.

  5. At least 2 months before release.

  6. I made a second profile on my switch and when I tried to connect it to my second account I accidentally connected it to my little sisters account (she has her own console), if I delete that profile will it affect her console too? or only the saves and data that were under this specific profile on my console?

  7. You will not affect another console.

  8. Hi everyone, I’ve searched YT and google, but can’t find a fix, I recently started playing switch again and got a lan adapter (a gigabit one) for the dock, but it doesnt seem like mine is being picked up, are there any fixes?

  9. You tried different usb slots? What is the exact model adapter? There's a chance that an older/newer variation isn't switch compatible.

  10. You create a new profile on the console and link their Nintendo Account to that. For the record, you can't unlink/change the one that is currently there --- so any save data is stuck on the old profile (your account).

  11. You can't transfer save data to another user, only between the same user on different consoles.

  12. Anyone had luck with Goldeneye cheat codes? I see that the button combo cheats are supposed to work on switch but I haven’t had luck.

  13. I've gotten all weapons to work but haven't had much luck with the rest yet. If you've remapped your controls, make sure you're hitting the right things.

  14. Am I the only one that CANNOT play goldeneye? My brain just can’t with the controler. And I used to play fine on n64, and I bet that if I’d fire up my OG 64 and goldeneye is so better with the n64 controler.

  15. Have you tried the modern remapping?

  16. I haven't remapped any of my buttons. So it is a speed thing? Are we supposed to be flicking the stick in the direction, or leaving it in the direction for a moment?

  17. Pretty sure it's a speed thing. I might be mixing it up with the Rush games that had similar styled cheat codes (but were also much easier to cheese by spamming).

  18. If she's actually in your family group, she has a Nintendo account.

  19. Can't say I've ever heard of eneba and a simple google search isn't giving me any confidence.

  20. Sure, you can and people do.

  21. I have a NSO+EP family pack which a friend wants to join, but she already has NSO with quite some time left. Does the time left on hers add to mine, or how does it work?

  22. It vanishes. --- Actually it just runs in the background without any benefit.

  23. Not all the stages, but probably enough to beat story mode --- with some grinding. Final secret stage is really hard.

  24. Have you looked at the settings from the main screen? Every sport allows you to select a dominant hand. Not sure if that answers your question or not.

  25. Hello everyone, I'm new to this subreddit, but I have a question

  26. Hi a few years ago my brother sold me his switch which he had bought stardew valley on. I played that game for over 155 hours but can no longer play. I guess mt brother got his own console because his page is not registered as his primary console. My question is if I buy statdew valley will I have my farm data saved on the console or will I need to totally start over?

  27. As long as you're using the same profile to play, you'll have the same save data.

  28. You can now 8-heart friendship. Makes your pikmin stronger but takes a lot more time.

  29. Not to mention Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming in general. In fact I would argue Nintendo should really embrace cloud gaming as their next move.

  30. Cloud gaming as a primary thing is still a long way off. For those with great connections, it's fine --- but there are still far too many places with crappy internet, including much of the US.

  31. I feel like you missed my second sentence entirely.

  32. Do you have links to places where I can contact Nintendo?

  33. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Support/Contact/General-Customer-Service/Contact-Us-1106389.html#/

  34. Pretty sure that's just the special shifts. If you look at the schedule, there are ? shifts where weapons are randomized and/or special grizzco weapons are introduced.

  35. It wasn't a special shift. This was right after the Jan 17 update went live, so the weapons were Splattershot, Splattershot Pro, Clash Blaster, and Snipewriter

  36. Just played. I see what you mean now.

  37. Why does my Switch keep randomly turning on flight mode?

  38. Could you record a video or take screenshots of this happening? "Flight" (airplane mode) should only ever be prompted through a specific menu, it's not something that should appear just by attaching controllers.

  39. I have problems playing animal crossing and splatoon online with wifi, if i use my phone as a router its fine, anything else the game kicks me out in five minutes, sometimes ten minutes, sometimes 1 minute... its frustrating, i have tried almost every solution with internet config and nothing seems to solve

  40. Mario Kart is understandable, it is by far the most lenient game (connection-wise) out of that batch. Smash though, that's pretty weird; even great connections encounter some amount of slowdown/disconnect due to the game's precise nature.

  41. Nintendo made the jump to HD later than the other console makers, their teams had to play catch up for making and optimizing assets for higher resolutions. This is especially so for the previously handheld-only divisions that were effectively working in sub SD resolutions. Their biggest series also went open-world-ish this generation, having a much larger scope and more content than previous games.

  42. Iwata had resisted mobile games development during his entire time as CEO, he was harassed and pushed to get into the mobile market by shareholders. Nintendo started making mobile games a year before Iwata passed away. I think during the final year, he was already very sick - someone must be in charge at the time.

  43. Ah, good point about the mobile timeline and Iwata.

  44. Considering they killed off their handheld only line to make the Switch, I'd say it's pretty much guaranteed. I don't see them returning to split console/portable lines after consolidating their teams to work under a single umbrella.

  45. If it's saying you're wrong, you're probably wrong.

  46. The point is that certain items make it unfair. So not only do you have to have the skill to stay in first place, you also have to be lucky enough to not be screwed over by items. The challenge is inherently unfair due to the AI being favored with items. All that unfairness does is require you to try over and over and over again until the items don't screw you over. It's not "hard but fair", it's just unfair.

  47. Many games are unfair by that metric; many games give enemy (and especially boss) characters an advantage in terms of stats (speed, strength, hp, luck).

  48. Agreed on the value of spending time on completing such a challenge. I don't think it's worth my time and so I'm not pursuing it. But a challenge almost completely up to luck is different than a challenge where the variables are known, as in your example. An enemy with increased stats isn't inherently unfair as you can formulate a plan and/or build that reduces the impact of their increased difficulty.

  49. But a skillful player probably won't be in that position. A skillful player will be so far ahead that a single blue shell won't make a difference; a skillful player will have saved up a useful item for such an occurrence; a skillful player will dodge the blue shell.

  50. In addition to the others' suggestion of making sure your kids' account is linked, try restarting your console. Some screens appear to cache this information, especially if the account didn't previously have a subscription.

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