1. This is where boba comes from

  2. You could totally get a 335i

  3. Flex a muscle for a few minutes, it will get rid of your boner

  4. Hello fellow Utah Apex player

  5. I love a big fat intercooler

  6. This is the final straw, I’m moving out of utah

  7. Shit, I gotta found out how to make serious money

  8. I wonder if I can make this a poster

  9. I'm actually selling these myself 😊 you can find a link to my Etsy store in an earlier comment.

  10. Counter check, wanna see how long its been since i forgot to reset it

  11. Imagine if we didn’t relapse :(

  12. Tell us more about other experiences!

  13. Author forgot to include that joseph smith saw an "angel" or a "personage" in the light

  14. Yep I’ve been playing apex exclusively since it came out, I’m tired of it so now I’m grinding terraria

  15. 1440p all the way, noticeable difference to 1080p

  16. Cops are there. Theyre calling his sister to gain access inside the house. He isnt answering the door. The last time I saw him was about a week ago. I hope he's ok.

  17. this is crazy, i thought solo drivers wearing masks was crazy

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