1. Judas Priest, for the screaming for vengeance tour. I would invent a time machine just to see that.

  2. I saw Priest recently and the audio mix absolutely sucked. Could hardly hear Rob’s vocals at all. You could see Rob was giving his all but the mix was terrible.

  3. Fixable? Yes. Easy? No. Cheap? No. Economically speaking, better off buying a new guitar. Might be worth fixing if it has great sentimental value.

  4. More like A cat is in stock… only one left.

  5. I don’t think I can find a bag big enough to capture the Milky Way in.

  6. Yo Humpty Dumpty, 1st, you'll need to post or preferably scan each part individually. Then ask your question again. You may get a better result. Go to the local library to use a scanner if you do not have one.

  7. It’s like… uh… let me use the x-ray filter so I can see the pieces that are buried under the other pieces. 😂

  8. I have an 80’s era Korean made Warlock with a Kahler tremolo. Thing is built like a tank. I really don’t play it that much anymore because it is so bulky and needs a special oversized case to carry it around. I have other guitars that sound just as good for what I play and aren’t a pain in the ass to tote around.

  9. If you put > ! without the spaces and close it with ! < it will put a spoiler box around what you’re saying.

  10. Is this from the Guardians of the galaxy holiday special? how is it so far?

  11. Holy shit what a goldmine, thank you

  12. Now I have to go check it out just to see how bad it is.

  13. LOL i remember being a teenager and talking to my teammates about periods, nothing too detailed, just curious questions, and he was so flabbergasted like we’d threatened his life! “don’t talk about that nasty stuff in front of me; no one wants to hear about that, etc.”

  14. I will never understand the ignorance of some people. I (a guy) coached girls high school athletics for over 10 years. I always made sure there were feminine hygiene products on hand at all times. Never knew when they would be’s not “nasty stuff”, it’s a fact of nature and part of life.

  15. Generally the headstock should have everything you need to find the model online barring weird vintage imports, hand made guitars, partscasters and whatnot. If the guitar has writing on it a decent start to identifying it is googling whatever that says and you should be able to find some images or references to look into. Like i said this is a bit out of my area but the serial number should be on the back of it even and that could probably be used to date it but being a cheap import from a less popular brand I can’t say for sure.

  16. I have modified several guitars with kill switches. All of the switches I have used are red. Chances are if it is a pushbutton switch, it’s a kill switch.

  17. When Billy managed to get on base, he was a lot of fun to watch.

  18. Problem was he couldn’t get on base enough.

  19. Sometimes before a rain a trees leaves will curl upwards a little and you see the underside of the leaf. They are a little lighter so it makes the whole tree look lighter or appear to whiten.

  20. In the deep south, the phrase “the leaves are turning inside out” is a description of leaves flipping over due to wind. A common event before a thunderstorm. A bunch of old timers say “welp, it’s fixin’ to rain. The leaves are turning inside out”.

  21. If I have a choice between watching paint dry and soccer, the paint will win every time. It’s a lot more exciting to watch.

  22. I taught high school biology for over 30 years. I ran across this online a few years ago and laughed. I showed it to a few students and they were like WTF? I guess I taught them how to read a pedigree chart successfully.

  23. You’re looking at a person who is too stupid to realize they’re stupid.

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