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  1. Is it degenerate to break proofs down into cases? I find myself doing this a lot as I read through Rudin and I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on some way to generalize things.

  2. Love to see itโ€ฆ thought about buying bonds at one point. I remember seeing some DD on it. Iโ€™ll settle for direct registered shares.

  3. Patiently, but urgently, finishing up Chapter 1 of Rudin. Turns out reading math is a slow process if you try to prove everything...

  4. Idk if anybody reading worked in fast food or not but if you did do you care if ppl come over and over again taking advantage? Cause I been doing it 2 times a week to my Taco Bell for a couple weeks now and Iโ€™m getting wierd looks from this one older dude. Donโ€™t know if heโ€™s a manager or not

  5. Now I just need my bank to stop blocking payments to crypto related things. You'd think I'd get to choose what I want to spend my money on but apparently not.

  6. Oh thank god I thought I wouldn't have another buying opportunity

  7. They know we know they know we know ๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Zaxbys will give you a free meal if you make an account on the app

  9. Me ape me zen ook ๐Ÿš€

  10. Me play scratch and sniff... smell like kenny

  11. Too low... sell one share for your phone number

  12. The locations holding all the records of stock trading seem to have been taking a beating the last 25 years or so. Maybe we should invent a way to track it completely online to reduce data loss and to remove the hazardous work sites since they are too dangerous. Hmmm wonder how we can do that

  13. Yeah, but you forget that eventually a cosmic ray would conveniently fry the servers /s

  14. I tried it and liked it... one thing to be aware of is that the dosage is very high compared to other brands, especially considering it recommends to take 3 capsules. Nonetheless I took it and thought it was fine, maybe someone here is more knowledgeable...

  15. I took 2 pills last night because I thought the dosage was pretty high. How long have you been taking the 3 caps?

  16. It was some time ago, but I took 3 a day for about a month... after that I gave athletic greens a try, which has ashwagandha in it (dont know the dosage though, which is unfortunate)

  17. "Please have a seat hooman... I'd like to discuss my food portions"

  18. Make sure to exclude the robots and paid actors

  19. Zaxbys app will give you a free meal for signing up... stay strong brothers and sisters

  20. Based and redpilled Dez Bryant is a curve ball but I'm here for it

  21. McDonalds usually has some kind of deal on the app... zaxbys gives you free food for signing up

  22. Just had some rice and flexed my free burger from mcd for rewards points but looks like zaxbys for dinner tomorrow!

  23. I think hedge funds know they are fucked at this point so they put the algorithm on W for wumbo and just let FTDs pile up

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