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  1. I thought they were foul as well. I love pickles and do enjoy sours but something about these was so off I actually gagged and threw them away. There’s some kind of seasoning they used in it that was just not it.

  2. One thing I would do is swing by a hotel. They often have lists of restaurants that are open on Christmas.

  3. They called my parents and suspended me until I had a psychiatric evaluation completed at the hospital.

  4. A customer posted somewhere complaining because they thought it was tacky that you’re asking for more tip after they tipped generously.

  5. Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything about 1 star, I wasn’t complaining or offended, I just thanked people for letting me know how deceptive the tip hiding practice is.

  6. We’re you the person who posted about it? If so I’m not trying to misquote you. It was a long post and I didn’t read the whole thing just skimmed it and the impression I got was that you thought it wasn’t good that he does this because you had already tipped generously. Sorry if I misunderstood you. I’m tired. Maybe it was commenters recommending the lower rating? Idk I’m tired. Lol

  7. Yeah, it was me. Don’t worry, a lot of people misinterpreted my intentions with posting it. There were definitely some divided opinions in there!

  8. No, you clearly wanted validation for looking down on this driver if you're going to phrase the title the way you did. Bah humbug on you

  9. I mean, until posting here and having y’all respond, how would I have been expected to know Doordash was hiding the tip amount from him? When you tip $10 on a three mile trip for five items in a single bag, it definitely seemed interesting to have this attached. Now I know and I appreciate the responses. I wasn’t looking down on him, I was more so just confused and I apologize if my phrasing of the title made people think that.

  10. Just FYI today I picked up an $11.50 delivery, what I didn't know was that after I dropped it off my grand total went to $23 and it was all tip... Just to give you an idea what we see on our end anyway ☺️

  11. That’s such a deceptive business practice. It’s dumb that doordash just wouldn’t be straight transparent about your compensation so you have to kind of gamble when accepting an order.

  12. Two things I would do would be a shift to a four day school week for the kids (loved that flex day with the Covid shutdown) and implementing recess at the middle school level. They’re still kids and they deserve that time to play and be young. I taught at a private school that had recess through eighth grade and it made a huge difference in the kids.

  13. That's tiny compared to what ours looked like. Is that really considered excessive? What is considered normal then?

  14. We do inspections as well... But they're easy enough to get by.

  15. I used to store my crockpot and liquor in my suitcase. Never had any issues.

  16. I went to catholic school and we had no real sex ed. Well what we had was in separate classes of boys and girls that our bodies were maturing and what we could expect. Nothing was said about having sex.

  17. Ours was very similar. They called it “touch safety” or “protecting God’s children” depending on what grade you were in.

  18. Is it legal to have razor blades at school? Ive only shed at school once and i dont wanna make a habit out of smth that could easily get me expelled with one small mistake.

  19. I once had a teacher who would completely freak out if you said colored pencils. He would get so up in arms that they should actually be called pencils of color.

  20. My lightning McQueen crocs ran small as well. I wonder if it has to do with the shaping for the lights.

  21. Just knowing how poorly I can control my alcohol intake, I think I’d probably just have animals. I don’t think I’d be able to control it to be on the down low or just the evil ones.

  22. Honestly when she had the baby, she changed. Probably the biggest thing that annoyed me recently was when she showed those awful, uncomfortable flimsy stools she expected her high schoolers to have to sit on. Have a little perspective and common sense, even my sixth graders would have been uncomfortable on those.

  23. Agreed. I would absolutely spend money for a guaranteed legendary but I’m not about to drop money on the low rate loot boxes.

  24. They sell reusable options that you can fill with your own grounds. This is what I do in my classroom. Bought several and just wash them out at the end of the day.

  25. I loved lent but it was kind of messed up why. I had an anxiety disorder that manifested in a lot of scrupulosity, so lent was just an excuse to go overboard on the self harm in a way that was seen as socially acceptable.

  26. I stopped watching the investor ads when I have the invited chef for this very reason.

  27. I used to be able to finish an event in about 12 hours of grinding and I’m not going to be able to finish this one despite leaving it open almost nonstop for the last few days and nights.

  28. Honestly I didn’t really use it except to help me max out the last station. It just never felt worth it because not even halfway through the skills, the station I chose would no longer be the best choice station. Felt like a waste to have my workers continuing to focus on it.

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