1. Probably back home to New Zealand. Unless he's staying in the states for business. Or possibly he might go straight on vacation somewhere. It really is hard to say for definite.

  2. Mandatory suspension after he gets knocked

  3. Bapa lookin at them keys like ffuuuuuuuggg man

  4. Colby the goat fr fr, ufc been missing his presence. Hope he got paid from Jorge and can now take the belt

  5. Yea right next to the virgin for life club


  7. Shawty stay strapped, it is chiraq after all and she ain’t lackin

  8. Chef cat, Brenda homeless as fuuugg

  9. Lol then what? Everyone take a bus? cities would need thousands of buses, revenue lost from registrations, local mechanics go out of business, the auto industry implodes? No thanks I’ll drive

  10. A.K.A NJ is my only bag and I'll be broke if I leave.

  11. I mean it’s kinda whatever, it’s a part of New Zealand’s history but the way it’s being implemented is an absolute cluster fuck

  12. How would you implement it better? Keep it locked in the attic so no one sees it?

  13. This was meant to be implemented over 5 years, seems like they left it till literally the last few months to actually start it. I feel like the momentum will fizzle out and ultimately remain in English. Just like smoke free Aotearoa…. Look how well that’s going

  14. Is this fuckin cunt releasing new music or what fuck sake bruv

  15. Lol at Bert pulling on his shirt to hide his massive fucking stomach

  16. Come on guys it’s manslaughter, stabbing three people is a accident! It’s not like he took the knife there and then used it intentionally

  17. We take queue skipping pretty fuckin serious in NZ

  18. rawkus records soundbombing part 2, best album ever tbh.

  19. is it normal for people to be people? they're not literally in the gym 24/7. shieeet they might even have a rest day before the fight.

  20. when they went off camera it sounded like they were hoopin

  21. He woulda just had some drinks with the boys after a camp or some shit, he does some dumb shit but he’s not that dumb

  22. bout time you got a flair b, you homeless as fugg now.

  23. the messican ain't looked that happy in yyairs b

  24. Keep that same inergy b ya just go b

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