1. I thought the EX tag also had something to do with how many raids were at the gyms - back in the day (lol) my raid group would raid hell out of new gyms and sure enough, within a few weeks they’d be EX gyms

  2. It has changed at 1pm niantic time since the beginning of research break throughs o

  3. I didn’t get any either. I also didn’t do any GBL lol

  4. Where on the app is it specifically? I've been searching the Verizon Up section but don't seem to see it - thanks!

  5. Click on the Verizon up tab. Then click on show all offers

  6. Was hoping they’d bring back knitted cap pikachu from 2019. Missed that shiny . Boo!

  7. I mean if you were to buy a plane ticket to Vegas for this event, this is peanuts by comparison.

  8. Kartana is a PVE Pokémon . You want it to be hundo. Preferably Lundo

  9. Also regarding Nihilego, it's the strongest (non-mega) poison-type raid attacker currently, and will remain the best non-mega non-shadow poison unless Eternatus gets a better moveset. It seems that OP ignored that and assumed only Xurkitree and Kartana are PvE-relevant. (Pheromosa is, too.)

  10. To be fair… best poison attacker is more of a booby prize than something to write home to mom about, no?

  11. Poison doesn't lack the power that much actually, unlike bug. Especially if Eternatus gets a better moveset than the current Game Master (read as: Sludge Bomb). Sure, they're not Meteor Mash Metagross, but they still do great in the right raids.

  12. Yea the lack of bosses to use them on was what I was referring to . Tapus and ?

  13. This is the first event that Staryu has been featured with pretty good odds of encountering one and it’s the only field research event encounter so the hopes are high that those are common as well. Personally Staryu is my only Kanto shiny I’m missing so super excited about that! Cottonee is also a newer shiny and pretty decent in PvP and Clefable is still useable. What bonuses would have been better? I think historically Thanksgiving has been XP or Stardust bonus related, but nothing super extraordinary

  14. Uhh we just had a staryu spotlight hour in July where you could’ve caught at least 300 in the hour (to be conservative) which is likely 10x more than you’ll find during this entire event

  15. Little cup and master league are the only good ones.

  16. Just like when they extended trade distance during christmas 2021 when everybody is far away from all pogo friends and spending time with family instead of playing.

  17. This is the first great QOL improvement we’ve gotten in years. I can’t believe people are complaining about it

  18. No one has legitimately glitched when catching a shadow legendary more than once. People Are just scamming to get free super radars. The extent to which people flood support begging for free items is pretty shocking

  19. "Saturday, January 21, 2023 (Community Day Classic)"

  20. Especially considering the UK doesn't compete. England and Wales will be playing though.

  21. Yay. Over thanksgiving weekend when I’ll be away visiting family. Thanks niantic

  22. I hope so. I only got 2 shinies so still need 6 more to complete the family

  23. That's...really, really good for me if true.

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