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  1. Almost nine. He is probably already buried, may he rest peacefully

  2. Was anyone from here there about 4 or 5 years ago in the pretend to be orcs facebook group where basically every post was a grond post?

  3. I feel that I'm missing the minutiae of French history to understand the significance of 1265 and 1270 to warranty two spots in such a short amound of time, while the last spots are half a century apart.

  4. The photographer is on the sideline of a World Cup. The player used the first dry thing he saw so that he could continue the game. You people’s inability to grasp that is amazing.

  5. Great example of how truth can be weirder than fake content.

  6. Man that angle light is interesting. I wish there was more information on it.

  7. She does, but i think tbh people were starting to believe she was never going to die

  8. Game that rewards money and popularity by literally being a damn pro

  9. Damn that looks amazing. I have never had spicy mayo, is it tangy? I feel like a sauce with a tang would seal the god damn deal.

  10. I would like to take a moment to praise this thread’s correct use of the term “I couldn’t care less” over the horribly incorrect American version “I could care less”

  11. I can be a very awkward person and yes, right now as I type this I have like 5 guys in my flat changing windows and they will be here for the next two days too. Today its fine because they are doing the living room and I can pretend to work in the office but i have the weird feeling as if i should be there or say something or help them (i know that would probably be the worst thing I could do)

  12. He actually said in a podcast that most of the people he gives cars dont take them and he sells them for them, taking over all of the paperwork and things.

  13. The reason you were downvoted is because you took offence to what the guy said. Hw wasn’t criticising you, just saying jessie is hard.

  14. We played the very same game in Scranton, Pennsylvania in the 1970's and 80's. There were other games like mercy (twisting arms until someone cries mercy), bloody knuckles, etc. It's just fun camaraderie for kids who ate too many lead paint chips.

  15. Different languages have different meanings and weights for different words. Shall we all stop saying cancer in english or german just because its the absolute worst swear word in dutch? No.

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