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  1. I’ve still got my $5000 embroidery needle 😆 When I finally get around to finishing the cross stitch that I was working on when my dingus decided to eat my attached thread and needle like it was spaghetti, it’ll be pinned in the bottom. That thing is gonna get framed! It‘ll definitely be my most expensive piece to date!

  2. Oh my goodness!! That is an expensive needle and a scary thing for a baby to eat!

  3. You’ve no idea. I’ve been quite careful ever since. I won’t eve use needle minders because of how easy things can come off.

  4. Growing up we would sometimes used Campbells tomato soup. I used to mix in some butter sometimes too.

  5. The link to the logo for anyone interested:

  6. His performance in Tudors was the only reason I even watched Vikings (because he was in it). But I ended up loving Vikings even more than Tudors and fell in love with Travis Fimmel.

  7. Fimmel is the one that brought me to Vikings. I LOVED him in Raised by Wolves (RIP). Found the show lost a little something when Ragnar died. Have to admit though, Floki ended up being my favorite.

  8. I will stop to listen to this song every time I come across it. Never fails to give me goosebumps every single time as well. Think I know what I’ll be watching next.

  9. I have to say, I don’t see too many people using an inkwell, especially at an event like this. I appreciate being able to watch this process. I always love watching people actually create. Especially since I can’t do shite without a pattern.

  10. Absolutely leave it. Life is way too short to worry about the little things. Stuff like this used to bug me a lot, sometimes still does, and sometimes things are a relatively easy fix that I don’t mind ripping a stitch or two out. Embrace the imperfections! It gives the piece character. Whoever is lucky enough to end up with this piece, I guarantee that they will still love it.

  11. Now I want to gift them nothing BUT fruit. Let’s be honest though, I can’t remember the last time I actually gifted a character. I think it was when I was obtaining Stitch.

  12. The Wastelands when I was 11, not realing until about a third of the way in that it was a continuing story. I fell in love with Oy in that book, my favorite literary character ❤️

  13. My dentist gave me mine as well. I have mangy teeth tho, so you wouldnt want to see them!

  14. I ate up the book when it came out, even the movie. Was it the best King movie? No. But I love the story.

  15. I think shit weasels are one of my favorite King creations 😆

  16. Soooooo me. Literally TWO seconds later and I’ll sometimes forget what the frick I was just about to do 😆

  17. My god, I remember playing with a good majority of that as a kid. I can still picture the well played with sets in the living room all strewn about on that hideous red and orange carpet we had. Though if I’m being honest, my dad got most of it because of his own interest. I haven’t talked to my dad in many years, but I’d be willing to bet that he still has all the figures in those folding vinyl cases (though most likely not the sets anymore).

  18. Alive meets Lord of the Flies. Okay, so that’s six words.

  19. I scanned this before reading your description and was saddened it wasn’t linked to Rick Astley but very happy with the delightful message. Love this

  20. I actually made one for one of my doctors I work for (also a friend) as a Christmas gift this year. The only problem is it’s so temperamental to scan Correctly.

  21. When I lived with my best friend, her papillon used to go to TOWN on her one cats ears. I don’t know, maybe they were a kind of delicacy, but man he’d get RIGHT up in there. Wish I had video of the little butthead doing that. Miss him.

  22. I love the blue, but I almost feel the green could also be used to look like leaves!

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