1. I find they need more frequent restarts - and if I’m using one as a wifi extender then it drops the audio more frequently

  2. Waaaay better than a bunch of options honestly

  3. Always your main stat. If split between your main stat and off-stats, take the one that has better affixes/synergy with your build. Never take an amulet not containing your main stat. It’s equivalent to a scroll(s), and as others will say, it makes a big difference in damage late game.

  4. Never seems like bad advice. It’s worth it early on prior to getting scrolls on your secondary stats - especially if you get two additional jumps and -75% missile damage

  5. Grammar so bad I’m not even sure what point you are trying to make

  6. You can legit use it on the fists and get bonus damage if you have +75% damage against rooted enemies

  7. In NZ you have to give four weeks notice - but firing (legally/properly) requires a process which includes multiple warnings and opportunities to turn it around.. after the first three months (thanks previous right wing govt for that shitbiscuit)

  8. Apple can sell you just the case. Also, that sucks - having your stuff stolen is awful :(

  9. The best parts of having a shaved head is not having sweat stick around in your hair feeling gross, and on hot dry days it evaporates.

  10. Nice work! One of the biggest hurdles imo

  11. I haven’t bought one - but the reason for that is I spent a lot of time looking into it, and concluded that if you shoot wide open at all and are hoping for the character of the lens/bokeh to come through with a speed booster, then you might be unhappy with the result. That seemed to be the trade off in reviews I read and images I looked at.

  12. Got it, so it could be that it won’t translate that 50mm 1.2 “glow” wide open..

  13. In the shots I looked at the bokeh had an added nervous character that wasn’t in the original output .. given the cost of speed boosters I figured I’d be better off looking for another lens closer to the FOV I was after

  14. It’s on the giant, if you were trying to get it from the Hand

  15. Wait, so I have to kill the giant instead of the hand for it?

  16. Yep! Confused the heck out of me until I looked at the wiki

  17. You should have noticed a huge improvement in even a few weeks. Something else could be wrong too - do you keep a food diary? For me FODMAPs are also a huge issue, but it took time to work that out and even more time learning how to balance them.

  18. I’m so sorry you were put through all that by your parents - they failed you in that and you deserved their support and acceptance. <3

  19. Mine doesn’t seem to do that I don’t think - can test two bodies after work..

  20. Thank you. I haven't noticed it since I changed that setting, but I will be keeping an eye on it.

  21. I couldn’t get the same issue with manual brightness. It seems inconsistent with auto - maybe the photometry settings make a difference also?

  22. I had something similar happen to my first X-Pro3. I had fujifilm assess it and they noted repair was possible but they would not guarantee that it wouldn’t die again due to corrosion. Insurance company saw that and just replaced it entirely.

  23. I have silicone grip sleeves that make the grip chunkier - came with silicone joystick covers too. Fits in the dock fine.

  24. This - I’m using some Loop Engage+ earplugs and they’re great for reducing some of the sound frequencies and reducing their distraction from conversation or other sound I’m trying to focus on

  25. Depends where you’re backpacking - look into R value to see how warm it needs to be.

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