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  1. Exactly because perfect is perfect so lagom can't also be perfect so lagom is just lagom.

  2. Did anyone sue? I mean I imagine many teens took their chance to get drunk.

  3. DJ PP does it for me. Search "Dj PP PAPAPAPA" on YouTube and it should be the first song that pops up. It's a Thai dj

  4. Same here but without the dry heaving.

  5. What works for me is to think that I'll just put it into my mouth and do one stroke. That makes it feel easy and without and pressure to brush for two minutes. I usually manage at least 20 seconds this way.

  6. Only caveat is that you do it slowly. Don’t ram that mf back at warp speed.

  7. I've had my drinks spilled because a guy reclined at super speed. I don't mind it as the table and all adjusts to still fit but DONT do it at lightspeed.

  8. I don’t think you need to bring them to room temp. Other than that this is exactly how I make scrambled eggs. I feel like eggs take a lot longer to come to room temp than you may imagine, 20 30 minutes even won’t change the eggs in a discernible way.

  9. Why do people even store eggs in the fridge? I store them on the counter and they last just fine. Eggs are meant to survive under heat aren't they? As hens lay on them to warm them up.

  10. Jag tror inte att man kan kalla något av de där för "pepparkaka"

  11. This is why I never find one week to be enough. It always takes a few days or a week to settle in and really feel like you're in another country.

  12. Yeah, it comes and goes as with everything in my life. Every other month I'll have a week or two of this phase until I start trying to people please again.

  13. Depends on where you're from honestly. In some countries mechanic is a great job and you'll roll in cash. In others it means living in poverty.

  14. Gender? Be really damn sad because now I'm transgender 😂

  15. Can't you just smoke during breaks? 😂 Used to get 30mins to an hour breaks in highschool. Plenty of time to go buy a dr.pepper and smoke.

  16. Helt ärligt, Sverige är ett jävla u-land. Jag bryr mig inte om vad politiker klassar det som.

  17. Do you like ice cream floats? It's basically just that melted but with less sugar.

  18. Never had them before. Haven't even seen or heard of them.

  19. Wait… you’ve NEVER had an ice cream float? Just get some ice cream and root beer (or whatever soda you like recommend dark sodas) put em together and you got yourself one of the best deserts out there

  20. I'm drinking fanta + vanilla icecream with whipped cream right now and hell yes it's good. My whole country is missing out.

  21. Meanwhile in Sweden when the operator of Flugsvamp, a website similar to Silk Road, got arrested he was released very quickly as it isn't illegal to operate such a website, or it wasn't back then anymore.

  22. That's fucking crazy... my friend bought a full gram of Molly on this site in 2012 for 1 bitcoin ($100 at the time). It came in a little ziploc baggy stapled to a pamphlet advertising vacations in west Michigan. Where it was stapled, it said "enjoy a free sample of what the sand is like on Michigan's beautiful beaches" When bitcoin exploded last year, he liked to tell the story of the time he bought a $50,000 gram of Molly. Hey, at least it was ridiculously high quality!

  23. $100 for a g is wild enough! In Europe you can get a g of quality MDMA for $5-$10 WITH free shipping

  24. In a decade I predict an increase in the number of babies named Walter, and jesse

  25. Ngl when I get a kid I want to give it a first name from either breaking bad or better call saul.

  26. Now when I'm older I realize I'd appreciated being taken care of. My mom never got me new clothes, cologne, accessories, haircuts, or such. She'd give me money I'd go spend on candy and videogames, therefore I never learnt how to take care of myself. I'm still learning. I got a good addiction to candy and videogames though.

  27. Yes. Casino, some drugs, working out, and other dopaminergic activities also works well.

  28. Food! Planning a weekend trip go Italy ONLY because of their pizza and pasta. Planning to go to Thailand for their food, a lot of other things too but their food is so good. I want to go to Syria ONLY for their kebab. I want to go to Mexico for their food. I want to go to USA for their McDonalds.

  29. Don't beat yourself up over it, go and live your life. I had to leave school 3 years ago due to anxiety. I had panic attacks so bad I'd pass out during class.

  30. Ngl kinda transphobic to claim what the guy tries to. That's some real self deprecation right there.

  31. Not much different. I'd go out to clubs and bars more for sure. As a few months pass by I'd definitely also become a more open person that's easier to talk to. My style would change a bit as months go by. I'd wear more dress shirts, more cologne, and more bold colors. I love colors like green, blue, pink, and such but don't wear them right now.

  32. To physically see people watch you then have a conversation loud enough for you to hear every detail. And those details specifically pertains to everything you are doing. Is that really paranoia?

  33. My social anxiety has brought on psychotic episodes when it was at its worst. I still remember how I saw a big ass spider crawl around my room and I heard its small feet taps against the floor and I felt it as it bruised my leg going past.

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