1. There's been a lot of opinion having about these cards, so let me try to set the record straight.

  2. Worse, he personally unsleeves your favorite commander deck, and the riffle shuffles it right in front of you. Oh, and he makes sure to shuffle the commander into the deck as well

  3. I just want this card for that sweet Dominik Mayer art. I don't even want to play it, just display it in my house.

  4. What kind of monster takes pleasure in throwing poor defenseless kitties in ovens?

  5. I see yeah it is probs not worth it right now to do the open. How about the normal event though with 4k gold entrance?

  6. I won't say don't try the cube, because cube is really fun, but before you try it, watch a few streamers play it once or twice to get an idea of what cube decks look like. Oftentimes draft sets are built around draft archetypes in each of the 2 color combinations, with maybe an additional unique deck or two that you can build around. These sets often include what we call signpost uncommons: multicolored cards that very clearly point you towards a specific theme for that color pair.

  7. That is probably the best use for Skyline. Gold Star 4 Life!

  8. I'll take either right now. There's a Skyline that's supposed to open around 30 miles from me next year, so I'll be able to go there a couple times a year to get my fix.

  9. Yeah, I'll eat either. Just had Skyline last night, because that's all my local Walmart sells now. I wish there was an actual restaurant near me, but I'm too far away from Cincy now.

  10. I have made a couple for myself. They are nice, but I probably put too much padding in my most recent one (I basically used 2 old towels to make the insert.) Cleaning wasn't too much of an issue, just toss them in the washing machine, but absolutely do not use any bleach or OxyClean if you use PUL fabric for a waterproof layer, as the PUL will break down and you will leak.

  11. Ageplay is fine. Little space is fine. But calling your partner/spouse "mommy" or "daddy" just feels gross to me.

  12. Tbh as a non native English speaker "daddy" and "mommy" are almost exclusively kink terms, I've never heard anyone call someone that without a sexual context- so I guess it really depends on what the meaning around the word is in your life. I definitely agree it would be super gross if I (or anyone around me) had ever called their parents that

  13. See, I've had a child call me daddy, so the idea of a partner calling me daddy just makes me feel wrong. If it works for others, cool. But I just can't.

  14. This is almost exclusively how I see people stack equipment and auras, and is the only acceptable way to do it in my opinion. How would this confuse anyone?

  15. I got alot of cards from work the other Day. It was supposed to get thrown away but I took it. I dont play magic, but it was a shame to just throw. Question is: What the holy hell do I do with it? Get it valued?

  16. First thing you do is learn to play :). Then start building decks with your new collection. Also, finding some local friends to play with is helpful.

  17. I can hear it in the video, but only because there's no background noise. Trust me that when you are out and about, there is so much noise out there that any crinkles are gonna get drowned out.

  18. Something, something, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

  19. My jump-in deck was amazing, and I still would have liked a reroll option. I feel like the whole spirit of Jump-in is to try out a bunch of combinations, so being stuck with one deck goes against that.

  20. Nope. I have no problem sitting in my own wet diaper, but I'm not gonna pee on anyone, and no one is peeing on me. Honestly, this fetish only started because I wanted to use diapers for some more long-term bondage, and I kinda enjoyed them.

  21. I was the same way with onesies. Bought one to help with the sagging, and now I have like a dozen.

  22. I just lost a fur baby on Thanksgiving day, so I know exactly how you feel OP. I'm so thankful that I still have 3 other babies that can keep me company, but the house just feels so empty right now. Whatever helps you cope with the loss, I say go for it.

  23. Easily the baby dragon on the pile of gold. That thing is so annoying.

  24. HB is the only constructed format I play on Arena, so I am going to say it's absolutely worth getting into. As others have mentioned, there is a tier list for commander power lever. Wizards won't print the tier list, but basically any 5 color commander, any commander that makes ridiculous amounts of mana, and anything that can repeatedly cast spells for free is probably going to be tier 1. My advice is to build a couple of different commanders at different power levels. That way you can jump into a more competitive game when you feel like it, or can tone it down and play some more janky shenanigans when you want.

  25. I don't know about onesies, but has a lot of tee-shirts with axolotls on them.

  26. That looks like a room I would love to spend some time in. Nice collection. And so much better organized than my crap.

  27. Planar chaos is in my top 3 sets of all time, so I absolutely would love another what if set. Although part of why I loved the set so much is the reimagined color pie, and I know they won't do that again.

  28. Isn’t that antithetical to the little space mindset, could be very dangerous to blur those lines. Could be a time to be something else.. loving and nurturing.. maybe attentive, vulnerable…. Seems these aspects might be at least complimentary to the mindset..

  29. Op said they are just DL, no little space. Personally I think OP should explain that he is comfortable enough to wear around her and be vulnerable, but that he will always be her big strong man. It's good for men to be able to show they have that vulnerable side.

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