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  1. What's with the right wing propaganda stuff on this sub in the last 2 days. Are the russians really get this desperate?

  2. I view it as the shrimp just got stale, time to get a new dish

  3. interesting. My view is the exact opposite of yours. I found the tower arc and the mystic realm arc extremely weak and saw book 8 as a return to form. For me getting stronger solo is a major theme of the books. He can also not return to earth for a power struggle since he practically owns this place now.

  4. "My view perfectly align with conservative christians but the other side is regressive"

  5. You obviously don't understand the conservative Christian argument if you think this view lines up perfectly with that view.

  6. No one is shocked, it was a weak publicity stunt just like super glue on a hand at a car show or soup on a painting. It's just dumb. It makes all parties look stupid.

  7. You wouldn't believe the massive amount of publicity the glue got. German media was blasting it from everywhere.

  8. He will wag his tail and drop his head to try and appeal to her but she growls at him every time. 🤣

  9. well you are certainly an awful person for letting this happen.

  10. Your bar for "awful person" is pretty low. Best not to interact with people, or go outside... Actually reddit may be a bit much for your sensibilities. Best to get off and save yourself some trauma.

  11. When you are responsible for another living creature and this creature is under stress and you delight at this situation, then yes they are an awful person. The existence of truly awful person does not deny the existence of average awful people.

  12. lmao clearly you didnt at worst, ignored the actual context at best. ive been on the sub for years the posts are exactly what i said above. your entire response is showing you have no idea why the sub exists.

  13. -.- again I looked at the posts. Don't argue against objective reality. You cannot win.

  14. clearly not. 'Don't argue against objective reality' could say that to you as yall take the 1% of posts/twist things to make it what you want and argue with those of us in the sub for years whos seen hundreds of the posts lmao. you can be wrong if you like but doesnt change the reality that its what i said above

  15. well yes, it could also be that per cosmic coincidence all the recent posts turn malicious when I look and nobody of the users is calling it out but loose their mind and start acting as if this posts are normal in the comments. That is really realistic.

  16. You don't have any form of privacy with a modern internet device. Either the Americans or the Chinese are reading everything or both. After that a layer of companies scoop up everything they can, legally and illegally. Privacy is something you have offline.

  17. well if you look at the female side and it's rolemodels you have the Kardashians. Becoming billionairs by drama and being full of plastic. Despite Petersons shortcoming, do you really think the other side is one to talk?

  18. He wouldn't own it without the debt financing. So comparing the 2 cost structures is kind of irrelevant.

  19. He didn't cut a billion per year. Also a lot of the cost cutting was illegal shit like just don't paying bills. After the flood of lawsuits is over there will not be much left.

  20. You don't seem to be well informed. Most of the cost cutting was the roughly 75% staffing reduction, which were legal, and combined with the other cuts and savinngs they do approach $1B if not exceed it.

  21. Well, in a way it has been staged by Greta, because she went to a place that was known to be cleared by police.

  22. That is not how people use the word staged. Arranged would be better.

  23. I'm not saying they were fake, but considering how police usually are, it is a bit odd that they are treated so casually when other activists and even other politicians have much worse experiences with police.

  24. He's saying that its cruel to try to convince old people at or nearing the end of their lives that have lived their entire life believing their beliefs. You guys go ahead and go tell grandma she's not actually going to the heaven she worked so hard all her life to get into, imma let sleeping dogs lie

  25. so grandma worked "sacrificed" her whole life. And that is a thing you want to continue?

  26. By ruling out clinical depression and putting a "most" into your view I think you show that you yourself are not really convinced. You also put in the term self diagnosed which is code for "not real".

  27. That's just classism. You claim that nobody who is dump can have good stance. Because stances seem to be purely based on rhetoric.

  28. Why not both? Welcome to roleplaying. Real people and fiction.

  29. well mobility to the bottom is just one medical problem away. So the risk is not worth it

  30. Are you honestly arguing against the claim that it is only reasonable to want a less prejudiced culture?

  31. lets say I get a call. It is a worker from Microsoft whit a heavy indian accent who tells me that my windows is being hacked and he will guide me to install some 3rd party software to save me.

  32. And why is this ok? He got laid off, as some do. Then they ask if he can come in for a shift which is a completely reasonable request and he decides to fuck them, and presumably his old coworkers, over. Por que?

  33. In general, firing someone and than wanting to continue to work with them is stupid. not reasonable. Never reasonable

  34. I think the fact that OP used the word fired is making it more harsh than it should be. It's not like they were told. Get out and never come back again. They were hired for a seasonal position and knew that it had an end date. Seasonal workers should be an amicable split

  35. yes they decided that they don't want him anymore. than they want him again. in

  36. You’re right, I don’t have compassion for people who scream at minimum wage employees over the phone and act entitled over a company policy. Get over yourself.

  37. somehow you keep adding to the story. You are just hateful in general. If a Linda without children would have come you would help her? If not this doesn't fit the sub at all.

  38. The Nazis had great scientist. Highly educated masters of their fields. Still completely wrong tho.

  39. Just desserts or karma are still not the same as the very specific goal of this sub. He didn't get anything legislative passed to make this possible. After providing the description here it seems close, but still not quite.

  40. we is part of the leopards party and tought that they would not eat his face but they did. Being part of a party that blocks everything and getting blocked yourself is perfect for this sub.

  41. There is an interesting theory that is supported by a few hints in the comic books. The theory goes that joker is aware that he is in a story. He knows that he is just a character, he knows that he is the villain and he knows if he kills the batman or becomes uninteresting his universe literally ends.

  42. The only series I can't think of with the dark attribute is Primal Hunter and he didn't even use it. Maybe Caged Worlds? But his attribute is void.

  43. I guess one of his essences is dark, but his whole thing is a subversion of your typical evil class. It's made to make fun of it at least a bit.

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