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  1. There's no real evidence that she was ever an escort. Iirc that was just one photo that someoeone claimed was her.

  2. Still pretty shitty to try and shame someone for their totally legal job that

  3. That too. Wonder why the principles of not shaming someone for being a sex worker/fat/ugly/having mental health problems/anything at all go right out the window when we're talking about someone we don't like?

  4. AOC didn't claim anything about Boebert, the American Muckraker PAC did. It's curious to note that, as of July 22nd 2022,

  5. I'd live in it. So much space for activities.

  6. Nah, once the Goodyear Blimp comes home to roost there’s very little space left.

  7. I have over 1,000 unread text messages, you would hate looking at my phone. And more emails.

  8. A 6 pack of Cactus Cooler. Now only available in small batches around California.

  9. Yes. I recently moved to OH and looked into getting some shipped. $48 for a 12-pack plus $25 for shipping. Nooooo thank you.

  10. Wait what happened? I always go to Sqirl when I visit LA but I’m out of the loop regarding any worker treatment controversy…

  11. PREACH. I’m newly-ish single again at 33 and I’m having a hard time with all of the above (plus a recent weight gain that’s really challenging my innate body dysmorphia, but that’s a whole different can of worms). There’s also that really fun thing that happens when you express the desire to date someone who is AT LEAST as tall as you. You know, where you get called a “shallow bitch” for having a physical preference in what you find attractive? It’s like, bro. Don’t make me unpack ALL of this patriarchal/social/romantic bullshit at once.

  12. I absolutely feel this. Your sentence about looking neglectful, out of control, or trying to hard. That hit me. I actually blame the industry heavily. Clothing just isn’t made for tall women. What may be a great outfit on more average height women ends up being short, narrow in the shoulders, waist on my ribs look. It’s so frustrating. Ive ended up learning to sew just to make clothing that fits.

  13. You know what’s funny? So I modeled for almost a decade and always wondered why designers would bother hiring women who were 5’9”-6’0” when their clothes were so OBVIOUSLY MADE FOR women who were 5’4”. . Also, “extra-long” inseams that are 35”. Guess I need an “unfathomably-long” inseam then 😅

  14. Jesus. I'm freshly back on Tinder and I've already had more than a handful of guys get all squirrelly if I don't message them back within a few hours. I tell them the same thing, that I was busy with my day and have notifications for 90% of my apps turned off (Tinder being one of them) in efforts to not be glued to my phone all the time. One or two of them have been like "cool, ok thanks for letting me know, I thought it was something I said 😅" but the vast majority of them come back with "oh, I guess I must not be important enough for you then."

  15. Hello! a $10 gift will help me a lot in a 3rd world country. Prices are high due to inflation, and $10 is about 500 pesos here, and it will help me a lot. Thank you so much for this!

  16. Not OP, but I can send you some cash! DM me your cashapp info :)

  17. I need to know where you buy your pants girl!!

  18. Not OP, but I have a 35” inseam at 6’0” and have bought both 35” AND 37” inseam pants at

  19. thanks, unfortunately my inseam is 38 :( but I will look at these sites

  20. Check out the website! They make it super easy to put in your measurements and get exactly the fit and dimensions you want.

  21. This is why I opted for an upscale taco truck when I was planning my wedding. No utensils necessary! Paid a little extra to have the truck use nice disposable bamboo boats instead of those red and white checkered paper guys. Used the same style disposable plates for cake with nicer, biodegradable disposable forks.

  22. Not a McMansion and it is cleared agricultural land with a house. Very common in rural areas.

  23. *see that it is not flaired "Certified McMansion."

  24. Good ol’ Youngstown, Ohio. I fucking hate that house. Pass it all the time

  25. I just moved here recently and saw it for the first time over the weekend. Also saw that ONE three-story joke in the development by the lake 😂

  26. Some of the older homes near Mill Creek Park and downtown can be gorgeous. The area definitely has its fair share of terrible homes though

  27. Oh absolutely. I'm obsessed with some of the houses out here... When I first moved I saw a gorgeous red Victorian that I about wrecked my car over but now I can't remember where it was!

  28. Ooh your comment made me think of something I’m known to do. Not all the time but sometimes when I hear a song for the first time I’ll think “this sounds a lot like x” and no one will agree with me, then when I look it up it’ll turn out to be a collab between a person who worked on x and the band playing, or the band playing will specifically cite x as an inspiration, or the drummer from x is a guest performer on the track. I guess it’s like music pattern matching or something?

  29. I do that, but with similar-sounding songs from wildly different artists or genres. Like "Creep" by Radiohead and "The Air that I Breathe" by The Hollies, "Why Dont You Get A Job" by the Offspring and "ObLa Di, Ob La Da" by tThe Beatles... I wish I could remember more but for some reason I'm drawing a blank!

  30. I do t k ow much of the flash so I can’t say but a lot of people loved Henry Cavil and surprisingly bennaffleck was a really good batman. They wasted those two and everyone that’s left is either crap or doesn’t wanna work with them anymore.

  31. It looks like the “n”s from “don’t” and “know” are hiding, one behind the other, between “ben” and “affleck.”

  32. I was at the gas station today and the woman across the gas pump had her speaker conversation so loud, it was too loud. And I sat there for the minutes to pump my tank. And I had to listen about Gatorade. And Powerade. And how Powerade compares to Gatorade. And why vitamin water “ain’t shit“. And I’ll remember this stupid conversation and instead forget something super important and relevant.

  33. When people broadcast their entire conversation for everyone to hear, I like to participate in said conversation. Both of these women would have known exactly how I felt about the various shades/flavors of blue Gatorade. at length-

  34. Ah, fuck it. I was gonna try and shroud my real name in some convoluted half-assed analogy but I give up.

  35. Yea but IIRC shark attacks, while fucking scary, painful and traumatizing, are very rarely lethal

  36. Somebody get Mr. Pedant some more ankle weights.

  37. All measurements are in my other comment with each square representing a foot.

  38. Oh, whoops! Missed that earlier. Thanks! I’ll post ideas when I’m done. Quick question, though: how many people do you anticipate entertaining at one time, usually?

  39. Anywhere from 10-20 tops, but have some outdoor space near this as well to help with room.

  40. The wall by the bathroom… is that getting knocked down or getting a door put in? With the water plumbed in over there, it’s ideal for the kitchen

  41. Are there specific signs to tell where's the long term? I'll be using for the first time

  42. Yes! I’m going to try and explain this the best I can. So there’s the big main lot right in front of the station, then (if you’re facing the station from the parking lot) there’s an exit road to your left. Just past that, along the fence for a rental lot, there’s about two rows of spots that are marked as 7 day parking. There are plenty of signs, but they’re white so they don’t really stand out.

  43. So true. I would welcome men saying "not all men" - to other men. If their buddy told a sexist joke and they would say, "hey bro, you think it's funny but not all men do so I'm calling you out". That'd be neat.

  44. Check out Daniel Sloss's comedy special "X." Without giving too much away, he calls shit out.

  45. Those are crochet needles? For $90?? Sweet Jesus.

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