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  1. Aww yeahhhh let's get some free stuff 😎

  2. Okay awesome. I've used gcam with my mi 8 too and it's pretty sweet.

  3. I've been rolling with the punches to the gut from Epic's decisions but this whole update is fucking sad. I've been playing since 2016 and the only reason I ever play anymore is with friends and because of the base game itself. All this extra content is disappointing. And the same crap for rocket pass for everyone? What moron came up with that? I'm so done with this game

  4. Honestly if you’re not finding the hammock that was made for the frame comfortable, I don’t think you’re gunna find anything that’ll be comfortable on such a short frame.

  5. Gotcha. Well I'll experiment a little and see what I can whip up. I appreciate the thoughts!

  6. Did you ever come up with a solution? Our kids enjoyed this hammock, but it finally gave out and tore. I’m looking for a replacement, but haven’t had luck. Stumbled onto your thread and thought I’d ask. I’d appreciate any advice you can share from your experience.

  7. I did! I just got a parachute hammock (a Wise Owl Outfitters Single to be exact since it was a little shorter than others) and tied overhand knots at each end to shorten it, and then hung it on the frame hooks by the carabiners. It is a little short, since the frame is a little short, but it should be perfect for your kids! I can lay comfortably in it with my feet sticking out the end.

  8. Yep, but I uncapped fps limit

  9. Gtx 1060. That's where my problem was. Funny how skyrim, the 11 year old game can tank my GPU lol

  10. Right click. Properties. Security. And add a deny rule for that account.

  11. I'm sorry I'm confused... :/ What exactly am I right clicking...?

  12. Right click the file, folder, drive that you don't want to show up on that secondary account

  13. ROTTAY 10-key pad complements my BladeMaster PRO very nicely. Has Outemu switches. cheap but affective.

  14. Alright I'll have to look at something like that. Thanks!

  15. I'm looking for 2 tickets! So if you have some dm me! I'd be willing to let you keep the wheels if that's why you bought the tickets lol

  16. My friend and I have been looking forward to rlcs since they revealed it's in Dallas since we're only a few hours away, but I underestimated the demand that tickets would have, and they all sold out before we could get any :( so I know this is super early since they just sold today but if anyone is selling 2 tickets next to each other, please lmk. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks guys

  17. 12 flozes are 341 ml according to ecosia/bing so you've assumed a bean is 0.96 ml. Why? Show your working.

  18. Well I converted 12 fl. oz. to mL by multiplying it my a conversion ratio of 29.57 mL/1 oz and ended up with 354.84 mL for the volume of the container. I was only given 1 unit of measurement for the bean so I assumed just pretend they had box volume of 1x1x1, resulting in 1cm^3, or 1 mL/bean. Use these two numbers and you end up with about 355 beans, but this is obviously wrong since the beans aren't squares (so there's extra accounted volume around the "edges" of the virtual box) and it says rectangular volume, somewhat suggesting that they are not as tall or wide as they are long (yes I understand a cube is a rectangular prism). Am I just missing something??

  19. Well, I went and searched for pictures of coffee beans, estimated them to be cylinders with a diameter ~2/3 of their length and got a rather lower estimate of bean volume.

  20. So I'm supposed to go look up pictures of coffee beans for my homework and guess how big they are...? alright then lol

  21. I found out that that is the max that it can support and usually, especially when the monitor comes with a display port, it maxes out lower. But I did more research last night and found out this monitor should still work fine.

  22. My girlfriend needs a new phone like now lol (so this is not for me just trying to help her make a decision), but with her budget and her parents (who are helping her pay for half of it) only wanting to buy it new from their carrier, she can only afford an iphone 7 or 8. So being that it is almost the end of 2019, what is the better buy at this point?

  23. I think you will get a better monitor for the price and you don’t have to take your laptop apart. Also, it will be an actual monitor, so the display will be bigger most likely so that’s a plus.

  24. Ok gotcha. I use this laptop as my main computer for everything. It's my school computer and my gaming computer so I'm constantly taking it with me. But I mostly just game when I'm home. And a monitor is just basically plug and play correct? So I could just have a monitor at home for when I game and then unplug the HDMI from my computer and go.

  25. You can run a 144 monitor and output above 60hz. Not entirely sure if you’ll be able to get 144 or 120 hz because you only have hdmi, that would take a little research. But for sure you can output at least 120hz as long as your specific laptop supports it.

  26. Ok I'll look into it some. What's your personal opinion for going for the monitor or new panel? Also why would I need to extend the desktop rather than mirror it?

  27. Nope, I installed TWRP from XDA day one and installed ROM. Basically, its the Chinese MIUI ROM but translated and debloated completely with weekly updates and all features unlocked.

  28. When flashing the rom, did you deal with magisk or force encryption stuff like Linus Tech Tips did in his video? Or did you just use TWRP to install the rom like in The Tech Fix Show video?? I'm in the middle of doing this and realized I wasn't sure which way to go

  29. You can't flash any custom ROMs without an Unlocked bootloader. The Global takes a month to unlock.

  30. One more question I thought of. Do you have any problems with HDR Video playback? Such as Netflix or YouTube having playback problems? I think I saw that mentioned somewhere and it may have been for another Chinese market phone such as the Poco but I just wanted to make sure.

  31. Lol you and I are in a similar boat 😂 I'd be down to play sometime. I'm on PC. My rocket id is ShadowSquire#4280

  32. I have a friend who also loves tech who's been rockin a 6t for a while and he loves it. I'd say that's a great choice. The only reason I haven't considered one is bc it's a bit outside my price range :(

  33. You could wait until the 7 comes out when the 6T will be about $100 cheaper on a brief flash sale I think or get the 6 right now. There are a lot of other options, though, so don't feel discouraged.

  34. Lol yeah I'm not worried about it. I've already decided on getting a Xiaomi Mi 8. I was just pointing out that in my pursuit of the best phone I could get for around $300-400 I couldn't really look at a 6T as an option.

  35. I absolutely love that phone plus it's super cheap, however it doesn't work with the right bands for 4G on T-Mobile. I was actually gonna buy one but in doing a little more research I found that out. So I'm sad :( lol but fr, great phone, just probably wouldn't work great in the US on T-Mobile.

  36. I've bought the Chinese and flashed the Global ROM. No problems, had to change the region in order to have face unlock available and that's it.

  37. Does changing the region affect anything else?

  38. There is also the LTE bands to take in to consideration, where do you live?

  39. South Central US. I believe it should work fine from my understanding

  40. What did you end up deciding on? I'm looking for a similar phone atm

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