1. Between him running out at our 3-yard line vs taking the touchback in week 1 and this... I get the feeling that JC isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

  2. You forgot the 40 yard PI with 9 seconds before halftime

  3. This is awesome, but am I the only one that is kinda shocked by this? Stg it seems like 90% of the time I watch a team in that situation they convert. Maybe my opinion is skewed by watching so much chargers defense

  4. What in your mind made it seem so cool? Sorry I’m asking so many questions hahaha, I could only figure out very little in a 30 min interview I had with them. Totally get your reasons why you didn’t end up accepting an offer from them. Will let you know how it is if I end up accepting it!

  5. I mean, just the opportunity to work on rocket engines. They had a literal monopoly on the space industry for a while.

  6. Good to know! Thanks so much

  7. Sure. You can always DM me if you want. But yeah it just depends on what you’re looking for and what your options are I guess

  8. apparently the guy who reported the Brogdon stuff isn't very reliable, so I don't think he's going to be traded. also I feel like the Celtics wouldn't trade 1 FRP for Tyus Jones, as good as he is.

  9. What does it take to get a first these days then? Tyus jones and Shamet (best backup PG in the league and a solid 3&d guy) for a salary dump/someone who cannot physically play and we can’t even get the 28-30th overall pick?

  10. I mean, he’s career 39% 3 point shooter and plays league average defense lol but sure

  11. It’s gonna be the 3&D if it works out for Davis. Defense looks legitimately solid. 3 ball was good in summer league (over 40%) but that’s obviously a small sample size.

  12. Nah bro, hes gunna be a quintuple single guy. 1 point, 1 rebound, 1 steal, 1 block, 1 assist

  13. I’m not. Just a joke about his good at everything great at nothing draft profile.

  14. That’s my goal, always was. Just sucks how we digressed in September, but still a fairly successful season.

  15. The optimism is nice but allow me to provide a realist perspective here from a fan of 20+ years who has seen this cycle too many times.

  16. These look way better than our regular jerseys

  17. I can’t even come to the sub anymore. There’s no good/original takes. It’s just fire Staley upvote party.

  18. You should, but you might get downvoted lol

  19. probably the reddit API changes that shut down a bunch of third party apps. i never used them, but their users said it makes reddit so much easier to use and moderate. happened around the end of june when people started leaving reddit. this sub went private as part of the protest.

  20. Ah ok. I remember that. Didn’t realize people were leaving communities because of it. Wasn’t sure if I was missing something.

  21. not just communities but the website as a whole. tough to watch becuase a bunch of the guys leaving were regulars in the game discussion threads.

  22. Seems a little extreme, but I guess if it affects them that much

  23. It helps with output increase, similar to how a companions piloting skill doesn't let you pilot a higher class ship, it just adds an engine power point for you. If it's a skill the player needs to access advanced content then the companions skill translates to something else.

  24. Thanks. Wish there was a better explanation of what you’re getting.

  25. Wtf happened? I left to go to the bathroom and came back and they scored. 70 yard pass.. was it a deep pass on blown coverage? Or a short pass that forced some missed tackles?

  26. Definitely a tough one. Extremely easy to get XBHs but the HR is RNG. My second AB I got the no doubt animation where he stopped running at first base and it hit the top of the fence and he got a single lol. Hit about 15 triples but then I got it on a power swing low in the zone no doubt. Would have gotten it sooner if he had about 80-90 speed. Got 10k PXP out of it tho!

  27. I mean we are technically the most “stacked”. We have way too many contracts lmao

  28. there are actually 17 other teams with as many or more contracts than we have right now

  29. Damn really? Has this been a thing this whole time and we just haven’t been doing it?

  30. Riley adams bat isn’t good enough for 1st base. He’s been lucky this year outperforming all his peripherals. He’s also going to be in his age 28 season coming off of a hamate bone injury and for a lot of hitters it takes them 1+ years to get their normal power back. I just don’t see him having a future on this team if Millas ends the year strong and there’s also Pineda in the minors.

  31. I don’t understand where this narrative keeps coming from. He did excellent this year at the plate and only has 384 career MLB ABs. We really don’t know. We thought Lane’s bat wasn’t good enough through 700 ABs and look what happened to him. His age and injury history is a real factor, but we have literally no one in the farm that plays first. He should at least get a shot until we have a clear upgrade/replacement.

  32. Every peripheral stat points to Adams being extremely lucky this year. Also, the main issue is he broke his hamate bone and for a lot of hitters it saps them of power for a year or so. Do we really want to hold onto a mediocre defensive catcher who overperformed this year and is suffering from a terrible injury to hitters? He's an easy candidate to DFA to make spots in the 40 man roster.

  33. Well, I guess it depends on who are you replacing him with. Another mediocre guy from the minors? There are no prospects at first. If we want to give yo-yo first base reps, sure. If we wanna sign Rhys Hoskins, sure. Hell, if we wanna play Joey there and open up the DH, sure. But if it’s just dom smith again or a mediocre minor league guy then play him till there’s a clear replacement. Also we’ll see how Milas/Pineda look.

  34. So.. what we doing about the fact that there’s way too many rostered players lol

  35. Probably trying to waive or trade some combination of Muscala, Gallinari, Delon, Landry Shamet, Anthony Gill, and maybe Ryan Rollins. They've got more than a month to figure that out.

  36. Right. Seems to may that they would have done it way back before the draft if they were but we’ll see.

  37. Nice to see other people recognize our talent and actually be positive after so much negativity over the years

  38. Yeah? Was it worth leaving him in for 2 more batters Davey?? Fuck off

  39. How tf can they let him play after that? Dude took a 90 mph fastball off the skull

  40. Message us using the blue “message the mods” button on the right sidebar, not individually. Always happy to discuss in a friendly manner - but tone may be responded to in kind.

  41. I exclusively use the app… I don’t see the function you are referring to. Where is it on the app? I’d really like to know actually.

  42. Fair enough - but by the same logic a daily thread on how Juan did the day before would be on topic. These posts started to be more closely moderated with the constant Bryce Harper hate posts well after he had left the team so the general presumption is once they’re gone, they’re gone and presumptively off topic unless something significant (retirement, major injury) happens or it relates back to their time on the team.

  43. I see where you’re coming from and I do appreciate your effort in moderating/cracking down on hate posts. None of us want to see those posts.

  44. “every other post” links a 17 day old post and an 8 day old post, nice.

  45. Well, first off I just posted the ones in my comments. I don’t comment on every single one I see. Sorry I didn’t keep a running list of every single time I see someone saying it. Also, I don’t spend much time in this sub. I really only see the “recommended” posts on here.

  46. It’s also free if you’re not an idiot

  47. Hey man I’m not one of the ones buying stubs, but there are a lot of people that are. I have $1m+ stubs and I could buy him, but you have to admit it is ridiculously absurd to have one card worth that much. I’ve also played the game for more than 10 days of time. The above average to hardcore fans even don’t usually just have that much sitting around.

  48. Damn. They listened to my wishes! Didn’t take long.

  49. Yeah they skipped his start shortly before Gore got a blister on his finger so he'll be pitching on 12 days of rest.

  50. Was he on the 40 man? Or did we make a roster move? I don’t recall him on the 40 man

  51. Sheesh! How do they even have room for everyone in AA now? Who will be playing third? House or yo-yo? Also, did someone in the outfield get promoted for Pinckney to come up? Last I checked it was Hassell, wood, and crews.

  52. This is just to get each of them a couple more AB's I think, pretty sure Wilmington's season is over, and Harrisburg just has one more 5 game series to go. I'm sure they'll each start a game or two but it doesn't really matter

  53. Ah. Makes more sense. I’m waiting to see Rutledge (or someone) get a start or two in the majors so I guess I’ll look to next week assuming AAA ends soon too

  54. Starfield is taking up most of my time now. That and football season is upon us and baseball is nearing the playoffs. I might play a little more when season 5 comes out if the finest is good, but I won’t be motivated to do so since it will be post World Series. I don’t get why they don’t just do an all playoffs/finest series when the regular season ends to keep the head hype up.

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