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  1. The final mission made me rage quit a bunch. Especially trying to catch the helicopter

  2. If you have a backwards compatible PS3 you can use an original copy of Half Life for PS2. Or you can inject the PS2 ROM into the PS2 classics emulator with cfw

  3. The idiot just wanted to karma farm. He thought it would be funny.

  4. I read both your ideas and award ceremony is actually really original good job

  5. Yeah and not like Kinshasa or some other big city, I mean smack dab right in the jungle, pygmy village w/ death squads roving around, kinda like the first Colombia level in Codename 47

  6. Ok. Partly true, partly joke. Respectively. Pick option two, to get close to option one.

  7. As a trans person, I think the character was great and one of my favourites during season 2.

  8. It's like it in Ireland aswell. Either buy it on dvd like I did or just pirate it

  9. No serious Sopranos fan would consider season 4 to be the worst

  10. Agreed. I watched whitecaps last night and it might be the best episode of the series

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