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  1. Cant go wrong there! What was your other watches besides that?

  2. kirk camerons saving Christmas because my friend forced me to, don't worry darling and lost in translation. I was really disappointed about lost in translation

  3. Oh gosh! I really want to see those first two just to see how bad Saving Christmas really is and then see Don’t Worry Darling for the reception it got

  4. yeah fair enough. 12 angry men was added to my top ten at least so I got one good movie in this week

  5. I love the steak so I was super happy to see him. the steak is the funniest and scariest at the same time

  6. love is my favourite of the original and my favourite new one is electricity

  7. the james stuff makes me wanna blow my brains out. the civil war stuff was so stupid and weird but i really likes dick as a character and also denise

  8. none. I have a lot of movies at 4.5 because I mainly watch movies I love but don't consider masterpieces

  9. probably my favourite episode. Family and Electricity were also great but I feel that jobs, death and friendship dragged due to the run time

  10. two masterpieces and the best dlc ever vs one masterpiece, a few good games, a few decent games and two games I haven't played

  11. The only artist with a large enough catalog of great music videos that I might be willing to buy would be Bjork.

  12. They should focus more on rare movies, ones hard to find, ones with few or no physical releases.

  13. yeah I own a wall e blu ray and my aunt owns a dvd and it's on disney +, I have countless ways to watch it. meanwhile I literally cannot get the straight story anywhere in Ireland without piracy

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