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  1. I like underground stuff. Like abbey road and in rainbows.

  2. Same man. Have you heard of this band called metallica. Proper underground

  3. Nah but I have heard mbdtf(that’s the acronym to the album btw)

  4. i don’t know i feel like it had a sizable amount of boobs

  5. Skinny Fists and F# A# are masterpieces and I believe them to be better than swans

  6. Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To The Heavens - By Godspeed You! Black Emperor

  7. Dope name, can you tell me what to expect going into it? I like all the other albums here so I’m sure I’ll love it but yknow, different genres for different moods.

  8. It's pretty heavy. Four songs that are each 20 to 30 minutes. It's a classic post rock album. I'd recommend listening alone in your room.

  9. I kinda get what you mean. I’m not picky I’ll play pretty much any map or ee. Except Zetsuboy.

  10. Zetsubo is a pain in the ass to set up but once it gets going it's so fun

  11. Camping in some random corner with a friend or 2 can be a blast sometimes, on bo3 me and 3 friends camped in the tiny room on verukt with the bootlegger, bar+bipod for the original version, and we had a blast just going

  12. Verrukt is so fun when things really get chaotic. I remember it was my friends first time playing zombies and I play it with him and by round 16 I had 30 revives and 0 downs

  13. Yeah I think I have a bias towards complicated maps overall, and mostly older games, but I do have some simpler maps in my top 10. Like Der Riese would be 3rd or so for me, Call of the Dead somewhere in there and Buried

  14. Based for call of the dead. I love origins when I play with somebody who knows what they are doing but all I can do solo is get pack a punch

  15. I was in the same boat for a while. I’d recommend having your friend who knows what they’re doing show you a thing or two, or just YouTubing it (because honestly to upgrade a staff you’ll need to google/YouTube a cheat sheet anyways). I think the map gets a lot better when you know what you’re doing, and makes for a great solo experience. It has by far the most replayability out of any map, because nearly every gun in the box is viable, there’s a steep learning curve, 4 wonder weapons that can all be used effectively to a point, a bunch of different optional weapons like the G-strikes, fists, elemental punch and all, and a bunch of different viable training spots. Oh yeah, and 9 perks with a fun little side quest you can do to get extra ones. And it has just enough RNG to force you to adapt but not enough to make you rage (besides the whiny Easter Egg completionist speedrun community).

  16. Toss up between shadows of evil and the giant as they are my two favourite maps of all time

  17. well I'm Irish I hated it, we're at odds

  18. I agree with your original post but come on man all of those songs are bloody brilliant

  19. Did you find Bong Hit and Damone? :)

  20. this is what my gf thinks but she doesn't like anyone's vocals who isnt classically trained

  21. L gf. I don't dislike vocals enough to make me hate any album except literally every fucking midwest emo album

  22. Twin Peaks, Severance and Breaking Bad are tied in second place behind Mr Robot for me

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