1. I wonder if cloud city has different owners, now. It used to be run by the owner of the whole shopping center, who had his son operate it. That kid was…searching for polite way to say ‘a real prick’. It had a different name before cloud city, but I can’t remember what it was.

  2. I believe it was called something like Tim’s Ice Cream or Tim’s Treats before it was Cloud City. And that guy was memorable in all the wrong ways.

  3. they definitely sell peanut bags and peanut m&m boxes at Moda. i love a good peanut, but it feels different throwing shells on the ground inside so i never get them. and i've never seen anyone else get them lol

  4. Killer burger sells their peanut butter bacon pickle burgers at the game too.

  5. I had a couple day adventures with my nephew this past summer and his favorite thing was riding the MAX to the airport and watching planes takeoff and land from the parking garage. We stopped and had lunch at IKEA on the way back which also has views of planes from their seating area.

  6. If you have access to lounges, grab a snack or two for the plane if they’re offered. Bring a ziplock bag from home and you can stash anything not individually wrapped. Bring a reusable water bottle or coffee mug to fill up and bring on the plane.

  7. Anything in the Oregon city/Milwaukee areas?

  8. Billions mentioned it right before the Covid Hollywood break in their season and the addressed it when episodes returned.

  9. Oh yes! It’s Billions, not Succession. I’ll correct it.

  10. As someone that has no fear over any roller coaster and almost any thrill ride, loves River Adventure at Islands of Adventure, and walks through most Halloween Horror Nights houses without flinching, Dinosaur is terrifying to me still. I hate loud sounds and this ride is brutally loud and dark. I always find myself uncontrollably laughing by the end of it because of how un-Disney it feels in the best way possible.

  11. This is the ride that inspired me to start packing earplugs in my park day bag. It’s so loud!

  12. Steeplejack’s NE location is a former church with the space and a stage. The Zed / Zoiglhaus has the space, not necessarily a stage but they host events often.

  13. Jafco, “Americas Catalog Showroom.” Was on Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy where Uwajimaya is now.

  14. Modo in SE. I really like Firelight in North Portland (if I’m in the area) & they have lots of classes.

  15. I haven’t tipped my garbage collectors just due to logistics. I do leave a holiday card with a local coffee shop gift card in it for my mail person annually. I tape it to the front of my mailbox and they’re a walking mail person so they can get it when they’re walk up to the porch.

  16. The Observatory makes their own quinoa/mushroom veggie burger that’s good.

  17. Steeplejack Brewing (at least the NE location) has good seasoned shoestring fries.

  18. Rainbow Dragon has the huge egg rolls with the bubbly skin.

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