1. This is being looked at with the modern film fans attempt to always see a twist. I blame Shymalan and message boards.

  2. So, in the Opium den, Noodles hadn’t tried to retrieve the money yet. I think his smile is him realizing he finally made it out of the life. Although it sucks that his friends are dead, he knew he would never escape the criminal life as long they, especially Max, were around, due to his loyalty to the gang. He obviously wanted to several times, starting as a kid with Deborah. He was imagining having that million dollars, and seeking Deborah out, telling her he was finally ready to not be a “two bit punk.”

  3. Same linage as their animal Mintz. Not sure what the difference is

  4. That’s a really long way to say “I suck at this game and don’t have IQ”

  5. Whoa, never heard of these! Super cool now, but 8 year old me would have passed out seeing this!

  6. Kind of different, but I felt dumb when I realized just how silly the idea of the Irish whip was. As a fan since a toddler, I just accepted that if I grabbed someone’s wrist and pulled them, they would start running and hit the ropes until one of us hit each other.

  7. Klutch’s bud could be trimmed. But it is shears and not pruned if so. Their trimmers are just shearing the entire outer layer of plant material off, trim and bud.

  8. Is it the same thing? Animal mintz is animal face x kush mintz?

  9. Somebody's fucking with the TEW 2020 Database.

  10. My question is is it listed as artifacts on tge menu or just galenas. Not much selection in the newark area

  11. Ngl I’ve been enjoying MLW and Limelight is a big reason I’ve been tuning in more.

  12. I actually am the author of the article and conducted the interview. Dude is so cool. Stayed in character the whole time. He gets IT. Him and Slice Boogie, it was the best interview any of the talent gave me.

  13. Question- they come out to LAX video screen, is 5150 just their tag team name?

  14. It's "technically" LAX 5150, but they go by 5150 for short. Konnan apparently asked IMPACT for permission to use the name and they granted it. They are managed by Konnan and Homicide is also a member!

  15. Bound For Glory. Dropped it to Josh Alexander who immediately got beat by Moose who cashed in his Call Your Shot. Classic TNA

  16. I haven't watched any pro wrestling event live in a long time but this might just be the one. Damn

  17. Only $20 on FITE! Hate to be that guy buy DM me if you decide to and you can use my for and get us both $10 off.

  18. Lots of new matchups. I hope for some upsets on the card. I feel like I'm positive on the match outcomes on all but the main event. Maybe Yuya or Karl/Clark can steal one.

  19. Does NJPW USA have a majority Japanese audience? is there much interest in it in Japan?

  20. I’d imagine in a card with Okada, Jay White, Ishii, and Will Ospreay it would be. I could be wrong though.

  21. Are these taped? Because I’m attending a revpro show(uk) this Sunday the 7th and they are promoting will ospreay in a match.

  22. Yep! He just wrestled Karl Fredericks a couple weeks ago, and then teamed up with TJP last week.

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