10-K - A Securities Lawyer's Take on Updated DRS Wording

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  1. I actually asked Paul Conn (the President of Computershare) if Gamestop is required to report these numbers, and he told me there's no rules in place making them report them.

  2. I am sorry to hijack the top comment, but everyone here has to think objectively about the fact that in every document before where DRS numbers were present they used the word Computershare and in this 10-K it is missing, and the sentence itself is poned in a different way. This is a red flag IMHO.

  3. Are insiders included in the DRS numbers?

  4. In my opinion they are not included in the DRS numbers that we usually witnessed in previous filings, and you can say that is 100% true if you check the first filings wich were with very few shares #.

  5. Wonder what it'll be on the 31st..

  6. This past month it feels like banks are contributing about 150 million less, in total, to the repo. OP, please continue with your daily posts as I think this is a critical data point moving forward.

  7. Thank you! But just for being correct it is 150 billions and not millions 🫣

  8. Kind of odd this number matches the amount JP Morgan announced how much funding the FED could inject into the market through their loan program

  9. Hey, strangely similar to the ON RRP

  10. Yeah, pctracer usually posts this, however, the daylight savings change throws him.

  11. This is the price of living in Europe 🥲

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